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Would anyone post in it? :clown: I looked forward to being a nurse for so long....my second thoughts aren't because of nurses eating their own (I have never seen that!) or hours or mean docs (haven't seen that either)... it... Read More

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    Im a conservative Student Nurse, I start LPN school next week. My views are conservative but that does not mean I would automatically vote Republican. I am hoping we have a third party candidate for the next elections.

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    It's good to shake up your paradigm once in a while! I'm shaking mine up by reading this forum as I'm not terribly conservative on most things, and downright liberal on others. A little friendly debate is good for your brain
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    I don't care for conservative or liberal lines of thought while I work. It has no place there for me. And this is coming from a previous political writer for MSNBC's Newsvine.

    I follow my nurse practice act, the ethics rules for the company I work for, and I don't let my personal and political beliefs get in the way.

    That way, no one bothers me either way. What I believe about abortion, guns, and law is irrelevant as I'm doing the duties of my job within my scope.
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    Just seeing this thread. I am conservative
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    Want to inject conservative wisdom....just post away on any topic involving nursing + healthcare in this section.

    Pure political discussion see AN Central's US Politics forum.
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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    How do you know that? I've been working as a RN for a year, and except for maybe 2 or 3 exceptions, I don't have a clue who is a conservative or liberal?

    Here is another conservative BTW.
    Yeah, that was my question. How does it even come up? I'm too busy with patient care to bother going around asking if people are right or left wing.

    And that is my advice. Don't bring up your political views at work if liberalism is so toxic to you. What is your focus when you are at work? Proving abortion is bad or taking care of patients? Being a good employee or convincing people "back to basics" schooling is the answer to our education problems? IDK how "conservative vs. liberal" even comes up.

    BTW, just wanted to interject: While we are nurses and on the clock, we are neither liberal nor conservative. We are whatever our pt. needs at the time. Our role is to support pt decisions and moderate for them. Whether I agree with said decision at the time or not, be the decision liberal or conservative, is heresay.
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    Conservative here!!!!
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    Quote from Aleah_RN
    I, too, was wondering - as some of the PP - why you would feel more comfortable in a "conservative only forum"... is intelligent debate something you would wish to avoid? I'm about as left as I can possibly get, and have no problem voicing my views and discussing them with non like-minded individuals *shrug*
    Why must you make the assumption that "intelligent debate is something you would wish to avoid?" thereby labeling the OP in a passive-aggressive manner? I don't really think that was called for. Why can't it be we just like to discuss some things we have in common? Must everything always be up for debate???

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    I am not a nurse yet, but I am in school and currently working in healthcare. I'm very much a small-government fiscal conservative and think the Federal government is out of control, much larger and more powerful than it was ever intended to or should be, and has no business controlling things like auto manufacturers, home mortgages, education, or health care.

    From what I have observed, there is actually a substantial but quiet proportion of conservative-minded people in healthcare who simply do not talk about it in a work, or even mixed social, setting.
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    Another conservative. Have one particular co-worker who keeps talking about right-wing Republicans who "overreact" or some such thing. I keep wanting to look her in the eye and say, "Well, you're looking at one."
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