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With the current news over gun control and gun rights legislation being pushed through Congress as a result of the tragedies of Aurora, CO, Newtown, CT and the others like them, the thought of... Read More

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    I can only say that if a patient or patient's family member ever has me at gunpoint, I hope like hell one of my co-workers has broken the rules and carried his/her gun to work and that he/she is gutsy enough to pull the trigger.

    I just got my CHL, and I wish I could take my gun with me to work. I'm not so worried about the happenings at the hospital while I'm working, because I feel like I work in a pretty safe unit. I do wish I could carry it with me as I'm walking to/from my car in the parking garage.
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    Quote from Jeweles26
    I am from Canada, where guns for anything other than hunting are VERY uncommon. Because of this and the general laid-back, non-violent mentality there I used to be pretty anti-gun. My opinion on that has changed quite a bit, especially since I moved to a city with a substantially higher violent crime rate. And since I became a mother. I would die, or kill with no hesitation for that little girl, if anyone were to threaten her safety.

    There was recently a possibility I might get a job at an inner city hospital, night shift. When my fiance found out he started gun shopping for me. The idea of me walking to and from my car in the parking lot in the dark scared him, and he wanted me to be able to defend myself. When I asked him about getting a taser instead, he explained how you have one shot with a taser, and however many your clip will hold with a gun. Since I have terrible aim, and would also like to be able to stay safe, I agreed on the gun.
    I would definitely not bring it on whatever unit I worked. I would leave it in a locked place. It would not be for use DURING work.

    I just don't get, with all the threads we see on AN about violence against nurses, threats made to us by disgruntled patients and their families, etc...Why is it so crazy to want to protect ourselves?
    Carrying a gun for self defense is illegal in Canada so you would be in big trouble if you got caught with a loaded gun in your car.A weapons charge would cost you your license.
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    Right, well I am no longer in Canada. I thought that was implied with the higher crime rate comment lol. Canadian cities are not exactly known for being high crime. Atlanta however, pretty ridiculous. But thanks for the lesson in Canadian law
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    Oh sorry, I didn't know you moved. Yeah I guess the crime would be pretty bad down there.
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    Atlanta...geesh. I feel for you. My cousin works in Birmingham, another works in Tuscaloosa. Metal detectors in the ERs in both hospitals.

    I remember going to DCH in Tuscaloosa and being wanded in the ER. Blew my mind. That was ten years ago, before I wised up.
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    Yeah, I remember before I moved, that year in Montreal, it was mid-February before we had the year's first murder. I don't think I even locked my door at night. Now, in Atlanta, I think there is at least one murder mentioned in the news every day. I lock my door at all times, day or night. Ok, I know the population of Atlanta altogether is much higher, but still. A month and a half vs. every day occurrence? With that much violent crime, I definitely see why people in the South are so gun-happy!
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    I don't envy you. I don't lock my doors.
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    Oh yeah, you would here.

    I live in a fairly good part of town, compared to most.

    This summer, in the complex next to mine, had a police shooting. Naked man with a knife running around outdoors, saying he was gonna hurt someone. Cops had to shoot him down.
    Couple months later, 3am, look outside my window to see like 8 cop cars, lights flashing, police officers in SWAT gear, calling on the loudspeaker for one of my neighbors to come out with his hands up. After like an hour of this, he opens the door, they tackle and cuff him. Turns out he hadn't done anything wrong, but still. If this is happening where I am, imagine the shadier neighborhoods?
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    Uggh. I am glad I am up here.
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    I have worked at one facility where the security guards carry guns, and the one which they didn't . Deffinately felt safer when the security guards carried guns.
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