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    Quote from kcmylorn
    My thought is- even if we had laws to ban all guns, there would still be smuggling and those that want, will get them. Just like illegal drugs.
    *** Good point. Let's also not forget that making a firearm in a moderatly well stocked home workshop is very easy. Any of the tens of thousands of skilled machinists in the country can create machine guns.
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    so agree. We don't try to take cars away from everyone when 100 car pile ups occur due to poor driving choices in fog.
    *** Driving cars is a privlage, not a right. Unlike possession of firearms.

    However we do demand that people be able to pass at least a minimun test written and performance in order to get a license. Repsonsible gun owners can pass a similar type of test easily.

    *** That vast majority of firearms owns do pass tests. Every state requires a hunter safety course and the majority of states that have concealed carry laws also require a test. SO it's not required to pass a test to possess a firearm but most owners do.

    For those who cannot, why do they have guns? Testing will not eliminate all accidents but there would be accountability the same way that accidents with cars have accountability. You can lose your license to drive if you act very stupid with a car. You should also lose the ability to have a gun if you are shown to have acted stupidly.
    *** Yes we already do this. People convited of felony crimes are already banned from possessing firearms.

    i know there is fear on the part of some who do not want the government to know how many guns they have, etc. I understand they believe this is a firtst step to removal.

    *** That's cause there is significant historical precedent for exactly that. Even here in the USA it has happend in somes states.

    It would take another Constitutional amendment to do that, I believe. I doubt that would pass no matter how many people say they want "gun control".
    *** Yes I think you are 100% correct.

    Personally I choose to use the words "gun responsibility". I don't want to remove all guns. I want gun owners to do what they claim to do. Keep guns out of the hands of children. Keep them locked up so as not to be stolen.
    *** Guns should NOT be kept out of the hands of children. Children should not have unsupervised access to firearms. My farearms are locked up in a safe that is bolted to a concrete floor. Doesn't mean they can't be stolen.

    How about we look at signing for purchase of bullets the same way you sign for sudaphed. Others have suggested extreme cost per bullet.
    *** Such silly suggestions are not based on realiety. It's like people don't realize that millions of people in the USA can manufacture their own ammunition. Kits to do so are widely sold and I can name 40 or 50 people off the top of my head who can manufacture their own ammunition. It would be like banning cookies when any of us can simply bake them in our own ovens.
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    Quote from aknottedyarn
    I find very few excuses, try none, that a child would have access to a loaded gun.
    *** It's UNSPERVISED access that is wrong. Children engaged in well supervised shooting sports under the direction of responsible adults is a great and benificial thing.
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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    May I gently remind everyone that nurses are not a monolith, and that these professional organizations do not speak for all of us.

    IMHO, if mental health services were available to every person who needs or wants help, regardless of income or social status, there'd be no need for so-called "gun control" (which is really law-abiding citizen control). Just saying.
    These so-called nursing organizations certainly do NOT represent my point of view.
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    May I gently remind everyone that nurses are not a monolith, and that these professional organizations do not speak for all of us.
    Quote from IndiCRNA
    These so-called nursing organizations certainly do NOT represent my point of view.
    I think this was the main point Viva was trying to get across. Anytime there is a news report that "nurses" think this or that, I'm not happy. We all do not agree on everything - hang around the political threads here on AN to get a taste of that.

    We have firearms - all our kids have been taught to shoot, all have hunted, all have taken Hunter Safety.

    I do not agree with the nursing organizations regarding this issue. And I don't appreciate being lumped in with them in the public's eye. So, some of us speak up.

    That's all.

    The answer is more complicated to gun violence.
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    Thank you! ^^
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    Quote from IndiCRNA
    These so-called nursing organizations certainly do NOT represent my point of view.
    As a member, they speak on my behalf. Don't see how nurses could not agree with:
    It is time to take action. The nation's nurses call on President Obama, Congress, and policymakers at the state and local level to take swift action to address factors that together will help prevent more senseless acts of violence. We call on policymakers to:

    • Restore access to mental health services for individuals and families
    • Increase students' access to nurses and mental health professionals from the elementary school level through college
    • Ban assault weapons and enact other meaningful gun control reforms to protect society

    The nation's nurses raise our collective voice to advocate on behalf of all of those who need our care. As a nation, we must commit to ending this cycle of preventable violence, death, and trauma. We must turn our grief into action.
    No one is saying to ban guns entirely.

    Vice-President Biden has been a longtime advocate of stricter gun control measures and spearheaded the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. It's definition of Assault Weapons:
    Bans the manufacture of 19 military-style assault weapons, assault weapons with specific combat features, "copy-cat" models, and certain high-capacity ammunition magazines of more than ten rounds.
    Per Wiki:
    The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, H.R. 3355, Pub.L. 103-322, was an act of Congress dealing with crime and law enforcement that became law in 1994. It is the largest crime bill in the history of the US at 356 pages and will provide for 100,000 new police officers, $9.7 billion in funding for prisons and $6.1 billion in funding for prevention programs which were designed with significant input from experienced police officers.Sponsored by U.S. Representative Jack Brooks of Texas, the bill was originally written by Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, passed by Congress and signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

    Following the 101 California Street shootings, the 1993 Waco Siege, and other high-profile instances of violent crime, the act expanded federal law in several ways. One of the most noted sections was the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. Other parts of the act provided for a greatly expanded federal death penalty, new classes of individuals banned from possessing firearms, and a variety of new crimes defined in statutes relating to immigration law, hate crimes, sex crimes, and gang-related crime.
    The Justice Department reported on the outcomes of the law in 1999: 21st Century Law Enforcement and Public Safety Act. . 18 U.S.C. sec. 921 (a) (30) lists the type of weapons included in the ban. The Federal Assault Weapons Ban expired on September 13, 2004 due to sunset provisions.

    Per the Congressional Research Service Report: Federal Crime Control Issues in the
    111th Congress

    Based on analysis of the UCR data, the national violent crime rate began to increase sharply in the 1960s. The increase continued throughout the 1970s and into the early 1990s, peaking in1991. By the mid-1990s, however, the violent crime rate began to decline, as illustrated in Figure1. The violent crime rate continued to decline into the new millennium, and despite slight increases in 2005 and 2006, it declined once again in 2007. This decline continued through 2009, with the violent crime rate at its lowest level since the mid-1970s.
    This drop in national overall violent crime is attributed to the 1994 Violent Crime Act which introduced the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Program. Under the section Gun Control: "In 2009, 67% of homicides with a known cause were firearm-related."

    Mother Jones article first published July 2012 has an outline of the 62 mass killing over the past 30 years: A Guide to Mass Shootings in America; a national map pinpoints towns affected. After this review, the authors came to the conclusion Mass Shootings: Maybe What We Need Is a Better Mental-Health Policy

    This is the same thing our Nursing Associations are stating.
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    Time to Act Now To Restore Our Ravaged Mental Healthcare System
    by Deborah Burger

    Registered nurses across the country mourn the loss of life marked by the shooting of innocents in Connecticut. This should be a clear wake up call for the White House, Congress, and state and local legislators to take action to address causes of the violence, including restoring the devastating cuts that have occurred to mental health services across the U.S.
    Every day a massive tragedy is being played out on a smaller scale everyday in emergency rooms, in mental health facilities, and on the streets across our country, where, with sometimes devastating consequences, mental health is underfunded to a shocking, and sometimes deadly degree. ...

    ... Members of National Nurses United, the nation's largest organization of nurses, say it is time to act with both short term and long term responses. It is incumbent on all of us to:
    • Demand private healthcare systems reverse the pervasive cuts to mental health services, especially by profit-focused institutions which view mental health as an easy target for cuts because it is less profitable and has fewer public advocates.
    • Increase federal, state and local funding of public mental health programs and public health clinics, which play a crucial role in identifying persons with potentially violent mental health problems.
    • Require health insurance companies to provide full coverage for mental health services, and require parity in mental health coverage with other health services.
    • Restore school nurses and counselors who are frequently a first target of school budget cuts.
    • Challenge the stigma of mental health that undermines mental health programs and stigmatizes people needing mental health care, the overwhelming majority of whom are not violent.
    • Guarantee health care for everyone, including mental health services, based on patient need, not ability to pay, as in improving and expanding Medicare to cover everyone.

    Sadly, this growing emergency comes as no surprise to America's nurses who are on the front line of our nation's mental health crisis. ...

    ... Evidence is in on the mental health crisis (please read further)

    Time to Act Now To Restore Our Ravaged Mental Healthcare System | Common Dreams
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    One of the most astute observations I've ever heard on crime, justice, law and punishment came from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show from the top bad guy, Fearless Leader himself.

    "You fool! Laws only keep out honest people. When you're a crook, you sneak in anyway!"
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    I agree with RESTORING the The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act and the Federal Assault Weapons Ban which was in place in the 1990's like NRSKarenRN.

    Basically there are copy cats on the street since it expired and one was used in Colorado last summer. Not good!!!!
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