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I started out my nursing career in a nursing home and soon realized that was not where I wanted to be! After being charge nurse on a skilled unit and maximizing the learning potential, I realized the place i most wanted to be was... Read More

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    I would love to do telephone triage, the problem is getting my foot in the door! Once you are out for awhile it is so hard to get back to where they will hire you again. I really don't know what the major malfunction is but it seems that you become some pariah of the community for some reason. I was an excellent nurse, at least my peers told me so and so did my evaluations. How do I get back seems to be the stumbling block. I decided going back to finish my degree would be the best start for the door to at least open. Thank you for all the advice so far and I welcome the support. I have nothing but love and admiration for you all!
    It's the job market right now.....it's an employer market......AND you are now a liability and a history of being sick.....they don't want anyone who might use their insurance....ageism and discrimination are alive and well in nursing and the know how to get around the law.

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