Am I required to disclose a history of depression? - page 2

I accepted a job offer at a hospital and while doing my paperwork, it asks if there is a history of depression. I suffered from situational depression as a teenager, dealt with it, and now have no problems. It has been over five... Read More

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    If this was paperwork from employee health, I would remind you that your actual employer won't see this info unless necessary. If, as you say, this was situational, you probably don't need to tell, but letting employee health know can actually be beneficial. If you end up in a relapse, it is already documented and no one thinks you were trying to hide anything

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    I did not answer this question affirmatively, nor did I answer the question about substance abuse affirmatively. Nobody needs to know my personal business about being in recovery, if it was never, ever an issue in the work place!
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