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    It depends on the situation, but generally I will not sacrifice my day off because that's the only time that I got to spend with my family, that's the only time for me to be hospital stress free and that's the only time for me take care of myself!
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    If I need or want the extra money, I'll work extra. My extra shifts always involve bonus pay/overtime pay because I'm already full time. I work hard the days I am at work and don't feel guilty if I can't or don't want to work extra.
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    I agreed to extra shifts over the holidays. I screen all my calls. If I don't want to work the shift, I won't call back. Simple. I don't need the guilt trip on my day off.
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    At this job...noo way. I am casual and work what I want/can. In the past I have at a job I had been at for a long time but no. My days are my days off.
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    It will still depend on the situation. Normally, we need day off to rest because we have a really stressful week. It may not be to the hospital's advantage if we work and we are not up to par in our performance.
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    At my old job I almost without a doubt would come in when I knew we were really short, then my flexibility started to get taken advantage of and the "holes" in the schedule would almost never be resolved in the assumption me and the few other co workers willing to work extra would.

    This job I have now, the management is so far from clinical nursing I feel like they might as well be calling from Pluto. They have no clue what's going on on the floors besides the "numbers". And they are ever so eager to ask you to work overtime, if you want me to work overtime, when you know every other night is already short staffed, and we are always there late...ask NICELY, and don't get grumpy when I say no. Do we ever see management putting on some scrubs to help out? NOOOOPE.

    To add to the frustration, I was just given a letter informing me that my sick call (for one night) will not be paid unless I provide medical documentation within 10 days because my scheduled day off was the day before. I'm sorry I wasted my day off being sick in bed, I guess coming to work miserable is more appropriate? Or better yet had I been scheduled to work both of those days and called in sick BOTH days instead of one I'd be in the clear because it wasn't "associated with a day off". Not to mention I have been there a year and have 94 hours of UNused sick time. I'm obviously a frequent flyer with call offs. Not to worry, I will never agree to working extra for her again.
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    Yep, I've worked seven days a week for almost year. Gotta pay tuition out of pocket for school as well as the rest of my bills. Does my employer take advantage of me? Absolutely, I'm known as the company's 'worker bee'. I don't mind working so much, though. I know all of my hard work know will benefit me later on in life
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    At a young age I figured out that I was not going to be the solution to chronic staffing problems. Now if a co-worker had an emergency to deal with I would be happy to help out in that kind of situation.
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    Frankly, I don't see any relevance of this thread.
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    Because of the nature of the work i do, i work on my days of too, and its not a big deal.
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    i think we have to be considerate with this scenario especially at times when there are lot of patients few staff on duty. this affects performance of nurses that may endanger the patients.

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