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We all have bad days. I remember when I was new, bright eyed, bushy tailed, rampantly sarcastic (look, some things never change, alright?) and I used to look about and wonder why in the world it never seemed like the most... Read More

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    Sometimes, if you don't laugh, you'll cry- so just laugh!
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    Quote from nrsang97

    My pants fell down at work one night. Not only was a mortally embarassed, but I had the joy of overhearing 2 male co workers ask another male co worker what kind of underwear I was wearing a few days later. Boy to their surprise I came out of the supply room and answered them and laughing about it. I was pregnant and wearing an abdominal binder and I didn't feel the pants fall until it was too late LOL. I have a good sense of humor and laughed about it.
    I am deffinately going to look for a new job. We do not have anything close to the fun you guys seem to have at work!
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    Quote from CountyRat
    I am deffinately going to look for a new job. We do not have anything close to the fun you guys seem to have at work!
    OMG we had some characters in our unit. We had a nurses playing jokes sometimes, other times we just found stupid stuff funny at 0300 LOL. I miss my old unit because of some of the people, but the funny thing is some of us get reunited in a different setting. I transferred to a smaller sister hospital and so did some of my favorite coworkers. One has an agency contract in the CCU and another is with me on Rapid Response. Crazy huh?
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    I love your story. It is so true that nursing makes for great stories. Stories that unless you are a nurse or was there when it happened people have trouble believing it.
    I always wanted to be the nurse that could answer all the questions without looking it up. Just like the nurses I saw when I was in clinical. I've been an RN for 12yrs now, and still wish to answer questions without looking it up. It would save so much time to be a walking text book, I'm still waiting for that. I do believe part if the excitement is not knowing it all, learning something new every shift. Living through the really crappy shifts where patients bite, hit, pull hair, and so on. Being able to laugh after a chaotic, super busy shift, that at the time you felt would never end. I love what I do, can't imagine doing anything else
    Thank you for sharing your story, I laughed & laughed.
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    Thank you for a great post! I really needed that! <3
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    OP, you have a way with words....such great story telling! A story that's funny AND insightful. Thanks for sharing!
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    You are a gifted storyteller! Thank you for a much needed laugh!!
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    I laughed so hard I cried!! Sometimes you just need to know that everyone is human and you are not alone
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    everyone is human? Its the staffing, managers, and patients that feel that you are theirs, that ones learns to control yourself.
    Your a customer service rep, you WILL learn how to deal with human nature. Dont take it personally. I have been in nursing for a very long time. you learn to put up with Boastful Statement..BS for short.
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    Loved this! Made me laugh MY mesh pants right off!
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