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We all have our reasons to why we wanted to become a nurse. Why not share them? What made you go into nursing school? What was your motivation in your quest to become a nurse? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please... Read More

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    Economics. It is one of the last fields in this country that cannot be outsourced, which makes it valuable to get into. I wasted 4 yrs of my life earning an Engineering degree only to be told that my work is being done overseas for 1/2 the price. Life in this country has changed drastically and American labor is hated by corporations b/c of its cost. I learned very quickly to follow the demand. Of course I want to "help people"- myself, b/c noone else will!

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    I love people, and have cultivated talent at laughing at absurd behavior and shrugging stuff off.

    Any nurse that ever took care of me were great. Even when they were busy, they were so compassionate and skilled. I appreciate nurses, thank you all
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    When I wad 5 I told my mother that I wanted to be a nurse, as she was standing at the stove cooking & I was watching her. I can still remember it to this day. I started my training as soon as I could, 2 weeks after my 17th birthday, (entry age was 17) & have never regretted it since. I'm now 42, & wouldn't want to do anything else. It's all I know, a career change would be very difficult now, as I know no other industry. Not that I'd want anyway. Love it too much.

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