What's the nicest thing anyone has ever said or done for you? What's the nicest thing anyone has ever said or done for you? | allnurses

What's the nicest thing anyone has ever said or done for you?

  1. What's the nicest thing anyone has ever said or done for you? - Image ID: 13525
  2. 15 You do so many good things for others. You save lives. You make people well. What's the nicest thing anyone has ever said or done for you? Please share ... Any gesture, big or small, that touched you.
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    I live +/- fifty minutes to one hour (depending on traffic/weather) from the hospital. One winter, we had excessive snow. I live in the country, have horses, and a fair bit of property to maintain.

    During a long work stretch, which included a lot of call time in addition to regular hours, I was exhausted from the merry-go-round of snow, plowing, shoveling, work, snow, plowing, shoveling, work. I got home in the wee hours one morning to find a kind neighbor had plowed my entire drive, and then spent hours snow-blowing and hand-shoveling around my hay barn and all the paths I needed to access the horses. I cried. I really did. The relief was just overwhelming.
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    That was very nice of your neighbor. Most people don't even know the meaning of the word "neighbor" anymore.
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    I was out of work for a few weeks after coming down with meningitis, of all the damn things. Two things made me cry:

    1) The night supervisor in the hospital brought me a chocolate milk shake and I didn't even ask for one; he just noticed I was awake and miserable at 2 in the morning.
    2) After I went home my neighbor across the street mowed my lawn when I had such a headache I couldn't get up off the couch. I heard the noise and I said to myself, "What the heck is that?" and looked out and saw him.
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    My husband seeing a life partner in me when I thought I had nothing left
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    Honestly? A patient told me "Thank you." I was having an awful shift and was FUMING. The simple fact that someone was actually appreciative of what I was doing for them was overwhelming. I am SO not a touchy-feely person but I just had to stop and give her a hug!
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    I came home last weekend (I normally work M-F but had volunteered for the whole weekend putting me on a 12 day stretch) my Husband had cleaned a lot! Mopped floors, dishes, laundry, all kinda of stuff!! He does generally help some but he must have been cleaning all day... To me that's the best gift ever!
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    This thread makes me happy. Wish more people would share their stories.
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    Nicest words I've heard: "You're hired".
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    When I left my job as a school bus driver and instructor after 15 years, my boss gave me a going away party and a check for $350.00. He was a boss' boss in my heart. I left the job to move to another state.
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    Someone remembered my birthday and posted it on the unit. No one had ever done that for me, I had worked there for 5 years and last June, someone did. Everyone wished me a happy birthday.
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    I definitely march to a different drummer. I was talking to the boss who was my friend. Who's still my friend. We were laughing about something and she looked at me and said "You're so odd". There was such kindness and acceptance about who and what I am. It sounds mean, but it was just the opposite.
    She acknowledged my "oddness" with love and acceptance.
    If she reads here, she'll know exactly who I am.
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    The one act I remember because it floored me was a very rainy day. I got out of my car to walk across the parking lot when a CNA ran up with an umbrella. I told her to go ahead and leave, as she was a day shifter, that I would not melt. She said "I am working a double. I came out here for you."
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