What type of shoes do you buy?

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    We go through shoes really fast don't we? How many shoes do you go through per year? What brand do you purchase?

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    I used to get a cheap pair of tennis shoes and get a new pair when my heals started to hurt, about 6 weeks to 3 months. For my anniversary, I treated myself to a pair of Danskos that were on clearance for 75 dollars. Ive worn them for 15 months now and they are comfortable as the day I bought them.
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    I looooove the Timberland Renova slip-on! I tried Danskos, but couldn't handle the flip-flopping of the loose heel. The Renovas give me ample room in the toe box and are still able to fit my custom orthotics. I have them in both white and black, and I hope they start making more colors.
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    I made fun of the people who wore the Skechers Shape Ups, and then I started working 12 hour days (when I was a LVN) where I only sat down long enough to chart and eat. I don't think they've done anything for the shape of my butt and thighs , but they are definitely comfortable. My feet and knees stopped hurting. I buy the ones that have a sole that is thinner and I think they're amazing!
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    I used New Balance. I looked up the Timberland shoe and found quite a few colors: Timberland - Timberland PRO® - Healthcare
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    I love my Dansko shoes!
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    Birkenstocks all the way for me. I am on my 3rd pair for work and only ever bought new ones because they started to smell really really bad.
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    After starting a new job in a busy GI Lab, I was told by staff that Danskos were the way to go. Fast forward 9 months later...I am now being treated for plantar fasciitus my podiatrist thinks was caused by those shoes. Danskos do not offer half sizes. I had to order up a half size to a 9. The hard arch support that Dansko is so famous for hit my plantar surface in the wrong spot causing inflamation. Also, I ended up with some nasty corns due to the rigid body of the shoe. My podiatrist now wants me in a sneaker with a semi custom orthotic.....sooooo much better!
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    Dansko all the way! I have foot issues and danskos are fab.
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