What is your favorite nursing scrub design? Do you have one?

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    There are many nursing scrub brands. Many colors ... many designs ... costs vary.

    What is your favorite design? What is your favorite brand?
    If you could, would you change the design of your work place?

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    We had to wear all white in my first LTC job. We had uniforms that they gave us that to me, just looked sloppy. They looked like cook's uniforms. The collar was lined yellow for CNAs and blue for nurses. They looked dingy any dirty. New hires wore our own white scrubs until our uniforms came in. I was able to find 2 really cute white tops at least and even got compliments from residents
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    I love Urbane bottoms, I am not really particular on the top. Right now I wear mostly solid colors but when (not if ) I get a job in peds I plan on getting a ton of cute print tops!
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    I like cherokee bottoms and koi's tops. I love a certain koi top I have because the pockets are elastic and I can stuff them endlessly.
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    That is a great cartoon!

    I often wonder what scrub designers are thinking these days. So many of the print scrubs have the pattern of a tacky shower curtain!
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    The greys anatomy junior mock wrap scrub top is the best - only one I've found that is actually flattering. I like cherokee long boot leg cut draw string pants because I"m tall and they're the only ones that don't do the high water thing on me!
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    My favorite scrub top is a FINDING NEMO top. When that movie first came out and I wore it through the Peds ward when I worked in pharmacy. The kids faces lit up and would whisper and smile. It was cute
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    I wear navy for my student nurse job and ceil blue for my clinical classes. I did have a couple of very stylish designs from Cherokee - both scoop neck. However, I recently lost weight and ran out to by something quick (end of last semester was hectic) so I just went to Walmart for something that would fit me better until I have time to get something more stylish. I'm wearing the plain v-neck design in size small for both positions now. Next paycheck I want to get something better! I really like Cherokee.
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    I love the Dickies GenFlex--flattering fit, lots of handy pants pockets, there is even a spot for the phones we carry and places for pens and scissors on the pocket outsides, within quick easy reach. I love the colors and the fabric. I like koi too, but find they fade out and don't seem like they will be as durable as the Dickies. I get lots of compliments on the Dickies.
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    Koi and dickies gen flex. I love my pants having a bazillion pockets!

    It's a beautiful day to save lives.
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