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  1. ILoveHealthCare

    I'm an LPN and I understand.

    LPN's are nurses hence licensed practical NURSE.
  2. ILoveHealthCare

    ethical dilema

    Nope. I work an opposite schedule as the one who doesn't help out. The other nurses and my manager love my helping out attitude. We are a very small unit. The other nurse tries helping out as well, but since she is assistant DON she has more duties than I do. The nurse that doesn't help out also brushes off their concerns about residents.
  3. ILoveHealthCare

    ethical dilema

    I'm the same way. I work on all my stuff and extra office stuff, but I always help my AIDS toilet, serve food, and help put residents to bed. My care staff greatly appreciates all I do and they are more willing to help me out when I need things they can do. We have one nurse who refuses to help and will sit outside smoking the whole time. The care staff hates her because of that. They love when I work and they are short staffed because they know I will help out. I also work 12 hour shifts.
  4. ILoveHealthCare

    This week, I learned (7/18).....

    Good luck. My niece was diagnosed with it at age 2. She is now 4 and doing so much better with therapy and she even attended school last year and loved it. Her language has improved, she is finally potty trained, and her tantrums have been greatly reduced. It's a pain to have strangers in their house 5 days a week, but it is amazing seeing how far she has come with her autism.
  5. ILoveHealthCare

    I'm running away to PetSmart

    Just volunteer for a rescue or shelter. That's what I do. I also foster dogs. Sometimes it is more stressful than working as a LVN though. Other days it cheers me up with some kisses. Dealing with the public at adoption events is no different than dealing with families though.
  6. ILoveHealthCare

    MA to LPN

    I started as a cma. I was able to work and I made great money at my job. It paid for almost my whole LVN program (in California) by working 2 days a week.
  7. ILoveHealthCare

    Shoes for ER???

    I have alegrias. I love how they are flat unlike danskos. I've run in them and it wasn't horrible. I work in assisted living so I have ran from one side of the building upstairs to the other without a problem.
  8. ILoveHealthCare

    I lied...a story of how I outright LIED to patient's family.

    I work in assisted living and had a patient who was on hospice. I called his family in the am and told them to hurry and come see him because he wasn't doing well. I informed all the staff to say good bye. I was in the room holding his hand and talking to him when he took his last breath. Less than one minute later while checking for a heartbeat his family walked in. They knew he was gone without me saying anything. I wish they had that last chance to say goodbye to their father.
  9. ILoveHealthCare

    What I learned this week (6/27)...

    I learned that holding a residents hand while waiting for their family is the best feeling. The worst feeling is when they take their last breath holding your hand and the family walks in just after they passed.
  10. ILoveHealthCare

    red and raw bottom

    At my facility we use calmoseptine and triad cream. I find triad works much better, but it is more expensive.
  11. ILoveHealthCare

    What would you like to see in your scrubs?

    They have to wash well meaning they won't look worn after a few washes.
  12. ILoveHealthCare

    medication delivery!!!!

    At the jail I worked at they prepoured all the medications into little envelopes that closed. That was much easier because the pills didn't fall out. They also used the pill crusher sleeves and added water to that when they got to the tanks for those who cheek their meds. The envelope was only a little bigger than the pill crusher sleeve. They reused the envelope which had the inmates name and id number as well as tank written on it.
  13. ILoveHealthCare

    Drug app

    I use my drugs.com app. It's free and has all the info I need. My manager and I always race to find out something. I'm always faster than her drug book.
  14. ILoveHealthCare

    Stethoscope Case

    I have one of these! On graduation day one of my classmate's mom made it for us. I love it! I carry all of my supplies for work in it!
  15. ILoveHealthCare

    Practical Nursing - salary raise?

    I live in California that is over saturated with nurses. That rate can be achieved if you work in corrections and are able to find a job. Cost of living is extremely high here.
  16. ILoveHealthCare

    Are the name brand designer scrubs worth it?

    My kois and greys anatomy stand up to the constant washing and still look great a year later. Be sure to get scrubs with enough pockets for you.

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