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If someone came up to you and asked you about Florence Nightingale what would you say? Try to describe her in as few words as possible. Start your post with: Florence Nightingale...... Read More

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    and don't forget --- an exemplar of how to live with chronic fatigue syndrome.

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    Quote from Asystole RN
    A wealthy, bigot, racist who made a significant contribution to nursing in helping to define the profession. I believe her stature in the profession is largely due to her societal status and being of the appropriate race. This is not to say that she was a bad person, simply a person of her time. I do not think nursing would be what it is today without her. That being said, I think other nurses such as Mary Seacole had just as much influence on defining modern nursing as Nightingale.
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    An advocate for those who most deemed "undesirable". The "patron saint" of all those who are nurses to the homeless, the poor, the mentally ill, the drug addicted. And nurses capacity for compassion.
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    Quote from lvn2rncali
    Florence Nightingale was a pioneer and important trailblazer that contributed a great deal to the nursing profession. However I wish that Mary E. Mahoney, the first black professional nurse, could also be recognized for her contributions.

    While Flo is recognized, people like Mary Seacole and Mary E. Majoney are equally important...as well as the nursing theorists of our current time that help get our profession to the next level.
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    The last time I was in London I tried to visit the Florence Nightingale Museum, only to find after it was closed during a time that it was normally open. I will try again on my next trip across the pond.

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