Unforgettable moments at work

  1. Did you ever have a moment like this?

    Happy Halloween everyone!

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  3. by   BrandonLPN
    One of the disadvantages of being a male nurse.... the female nurses always ask you to restrain the insane serial killers....
  4. by   SummerGarden

    Quote from BrandonLPN
    One of the disadvantages of being a male nurse.... the female nurses always ask you to restrain the insane serial killers....
    Hey, I'm a female nurse and I had this happen to me more often than not too. I refused to restrain people alone that could physically harm me. If you are concerned about your safety, do not argue with your co-workers just refuse to do it alone. I think the next time he/she will get the hint that you are not a push-over. Note: This method works for serial killers too, but you will also need to call the Police
  5. by   brandy1017
    When you think about it there are a lot of violent offenders who don't get caught or who have abused their family without being stopped and do you really expect they are going to change in their old age. Whose to say that violent demented patient isn't just showing their true colors that they could more easily mask when they were younger and sharper of mind! Just saying!
  6. by   Indy
    I believe you are onto something, Brandy. I hate hearing "aww you tied up that old guy??" when I know I looked into the face of evil and managed to escape with only a bruise or two and no fall reports to write up.
  7. by   cassiemassey
    I couldn't resist the urge to play devils advocate lol. Ivehad a few circumstances where I have built up a good report with a patient who previouslyserved time for violent crimes. theyre used to people treating them like arabid animal, but if your cautious and polite at the same time, showing themrespect and even to a very small degree a bit of trust. they tend to reallyrise to the occasion just because they value your trust. By giving themrespect, I can help them give themselves respect as well, and it helps them tocontinue to improve their lives. In the same breath if they are actively athreat to you or themselves, strap them down! You can reason with them when andif they become reasonable.
  8. by   barbyann
    Normally I enjoy all the humor posted....somehow I just am not able to do anything but cringe when I look at this one. Too close to home for me.
  9. by   nursegirl75
    @cassiemassey: WHy would anyone be willing to take that huge risk? Mental illness is a disease that can trigger at anytime especially when you least expect it. I've had many psych patients who will sweet talk the life out of you and the moment you don't grant them a wish, they will attack without a care in the world. Although I detest restraints, I am 100% for them if it means safety for the pt and staff.
  10. by   cassiemassey
    I agree with maintaining pt and staff saftey. Im just saying, knowing a pt WAS an offender years ago shouldnt mean that you tie them down when they come in the door. always treat your patients with respect, as human beings, and you'd be surprised at how well they will recover. Be cautious without being judgemental. (ps when they 'sweet talk' you its most often becouse theyre borderlines or sociopaths, those are the ones to really watch out for!)
  11. by   Dani Eller
    So many "most memorable"...But after working 3 16 hour shifts in a row, last night a pt said to me: "Nurse Dani! I have waited for you all day long! Can you help me?"

    Me: "Sure! What can I help you with?"

    Pt: "Well, you see, I farted and it went Dirty!"

    *I had to leave the dining room, to get a grip on myself...I laughed so hard I cried. Think it is time for some time off.*