Tips: Preparing the nurse for the new tax year...

  1. 9 Another year has gone by ... preparing for another tax year. What tips / ideas do you have to prepare the nurse for the new tax year? Please share with the community...

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    They are gonna take all my moneyyyy

    TAX HELP, please.
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    I really do nothing special to prepare for tax season. I simply wait around for my W-2 wage/tax statements to come in the mail, do my own taxes with TurboTax software, and either receive an income tax refund or pay taxes in April, depending on the result.
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    Man would it be great to write off the advice we give to family and friends.
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    Now that I'm a nurse, I hate doing taxes. I get no refund. Hubby and I make too much
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    interesting comic
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    It has been said that the only sure thing in life is "Death & Taxes"... Aloha~
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    Quote from GitanoRN
    It has been said that the only sure thing in life is "Death & Taxes"... Aloha~
    hahaha I definitely agree!

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