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    Quote from aklgap
    Why would you celebrate something that is symbolic of the near extermination of a native people and their culture?
    Oh yes, every year after lunch the family reenacts the Trail of Tears from the street to the garage. After that we hand out smallpox-riddled blankets at the homeless shelter. Give me a freaking break! We come together as a family and are thankful to our Creator for His blessings on us. If there's something inherently wrong with that, I don't want to live on this planet any more.

    And just to make it clear, the first two lines were blatant sarcasm. I have a small amount of Native American blood (as I'm sure many Americans have), I'm very sympathetic to the plight of those living on reservations in this country, and I don't celebrate Columbus Day (as another poster pointed out). I felt the need to point this out as plainly as possible, because someone who gets their knickers in a twist over a large meal shared with family and friends once a year probably would think we pretend to drive people out of their homes for the entertainment value.
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