Once upon a time, we were new to nursing.

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    Once upon a time, we were new to nursing. We grew up and forgot how it feels.

    The fear, the anxiety, the patients ... you remember right?

    What do you remember the most as a first-year nurse?

    What would you like to say to a new nurse?

    If you have any tips or inside knowledge please share.

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    That would be.
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    Try very hard not to let a lack of confidence show in front of your patients. Remember, that was you who survived those clinical days, who went to all of those classes when your friends/family were off doing something enjoyable, who studied harder than you ever had before, and who joyfully conquered the NCLEX. You somehow managed to get a new-grad nursing position in these tough times. Confidence comes with knowledge and practice, but in your case, you're one heck of a person for getting to this point! Celebrate yourself.
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    Not showing my lack of confidence in front of co-workers will likely be my greatest challenge. I'm fantastic with patients though...(student RN, 2 terms left before graduation!) Thanks for the fantasic and very real advice!
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    Advice that I really needed today NorCalMimi! Thanks for brightening my day.
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    The self-confidence comes with doing, as we all know. I, for one, as the patient, though, would rather hear "Let me check on that and I will be right back" than for someone to bumble along and do something wrong that will take x-minutes/hours to rectify...Good Luck; you'll be fantastic!!! Chin up, as my dad used to say
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    As a new nurse myself I find that if the patient asks me something that I'm not sure about I tell them It's usually around midnight that I have a chance to go through the charts and read the physician notes etc. When I do I'll let them know what I learn. (I work nights) It buys me time to figure things out while assuring them that they're going to get the most accurate information. The most important thing is if you say you're going to do something, do it.
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    1) Sh*t will happen (literally and figuratively); learn to deal with it.
    2) No, you did't kill the patient. You did what you can for the patient, don't beat yourself up over his death.
    3) Talking to doctors is as much a science as an art.
    4) Don't be scared to call a doctor if something warrants a call. Sure, some doctor will chew you out, but it is your job to alert the doctor of any significant changes to the patient.
    5) Don't take things personally. Sometimes people are just having a bad day. It's not you.
    6) Take your breaks. Eat. Pee. Mentally recharge yourself.
    7) It's perfectly fine to say "I don't know" to a question...as long as you look up the answer!
    8) Don't get into the workplace gossip and clique. You just never know what might come back to bite you.
    9) Money's great, but take some time outs for yourself. Too many OT can burn you out very quickly.
    10) Don't panic. Things WILL get better, just give it some time. You can do it!
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    I remember having very little confidence in myself during my first few months as a nurse. It was a good thing that I had great support from my coworkers who eventually helped me believe in my skills as a nurse. I also think that confidence comes with experience. The more I did my tasks correctly, the better nurse I became.
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    To this day i still feel like i'm a new nurse eventhough its been over 2.5 yrs since i've been an lpn. i do have to confess tho, im still afraid to call the docs. some of these drs are just plain rude i dont care what time you call them. i really hate that part of my job.

    my advice for the newly grad, don't hesitate to go back to the books if there is somethings you dont understand or just want more info on. im still doing that. dont play supernurse and dont do shortcuts like your coworkers IT CAN GET YOU INTO SOME DEEP TROUBLE. trust me on this one. when it comes time for you to explain yourself saying "i was doing it like so and so" is not gonna work they will not have your back. protect your license.
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