A nurse's favorite song?

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    Nurses Rock anthem

    We will, we will, ROCK YOU!

    (admit it ... it's already in your head)

    What's your favorite song?
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    I don't really have a favorite song, but I think Transfusion kind of fits. It's a 60s song.

    Transfusion, transfusion.
    I'm just a mess of contusions.
    I'm never never never going to speed again.
    Slip the blood to me, bud.

    Shoot the juice to me, Bruce.
    Drop the crimson in me, Jimson.
    ...and other plays on it.

    Dang. now it's in my head.
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    Cherry Bomb

    Humble Neighborhoods

    I Love Rock n Roll

    Best Damn Thing

    Do You Wanna Touch Me?
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    Quote from Joe V

    Nurses Rock anthem

    We will, we will, ROCK YOU!
    NICU or Special Care Nursery nurses anthem, maybe.

    From many posts on AN, the official nurse's anthem is the Animals' "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place"

    The Animals - We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place (1965) slideshow - YouTube
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    the Climb (miley cyrus)

    so small (carrie underwood)

    keep on keeping on (jojo)

    Let it be (the Beatles)
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    Imagine (The Beatles) It calms when few other things can.
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    kick start my heart.
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    "It's been a hard day's night" - Beatles

    "I wanna be sedated" - Ramones (For patients and nurses too! lol )

    "A bell will ring" - Oasis
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    For us ICU nurses......Another one bites the Dust! (I know...it sounds terrible, but true)
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    Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)lol
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