Nurse Dracula overqualified

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    Can you imagine interviewing Dracula for a nurse position?

    One of my favorites!

    Posting a few Halloween inspired cartoons this week for your enjoyment.

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    Isn't that the truth.....
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    Wow. Totally.

    New grads should understand that a lot of highly experienced nurses are being blown off too--mostly as a means to control salaries.

    If places have enough of a budget crunch, they can certainly be pressued to take the new grad. NG's are cheaper--and they are less likely to assert themselves against unfair scheduling, and other such things. They are easier to control, ha ha ha.
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    So it is true. I saw an ad today...

    Experience: 1-10 years.
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    Bet he'd be pretty good at blood draws
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    I feel like Count Dracula now! LOL
    Especially as I can't change jobs because I am over qualified
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    You have to continue your education, run up some student loan debt, and bam your now over qualified. Been there, bought the tee shirt too
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    I bet that he would be happy to work graves (nights).

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    Sucking the life out of best blooded in Nursing!
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    SycamoreStudent, you stole my line: I was going to say that if nursing didn't work out, he could always become a phlebotomist...
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