My coworkers are great because....

  1. I figured we need a place to post short tidbits about why our coworkers are great. Besides, I often have random little comments about this, but not really enough to start a post, so here's one post for all those times and when others might need the same thing. A dose of positivity about our jobs is always good, even if we normally are full of complaints about it.

    So here's mine for the day. Last shift, I was sooooo irritated with a department. I was about to go down there (because they wouldn't answer the phone when I knew they were still there and they always pull this particular stunt of theirs). Anyway, one of my coworkers insisted on going for me, because she didn't want me to go down and start cursing at them and get myself fired.
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  3. by   LCinTraining
    It was a particularly emotional night last night. Anxious patients. Grieving patients. Depressed patients and no I don't work psych. It's wonderful enough that the nurses are rooting me on through nursing school. We all had moments where we became a little touched (some to the point of tears) for our patients plights (no I don't work psych). Then an aide received a phone call at 2:00 a.m. With a frantic toddler crying for her to come home. She started having the mommy cry and my charge nurse got up from her desk, walked over and held her while she sobbed reinforcing verbally that she was an excellent mom. This crew is just wonderful and looks out for each other.
  4. by   NursesRmofun
    I don't have any co-workers right now, but I have had plenty in the past. I was thinking of some of them recently....mostly ones I worked with in my first 10 years as a nurse (back then I was an LPN). Looking back, all the bad times and very hard work fall away and I remember the teamwork and/or love between us. Good memories.....
  5. by   artsmom
    I screwed up an admission, badly. New sheets I wasn't familiar with. This nurse noticed and called me so I could fix it before it caused any errors. I was so grateful.
  6. by   nursefrances
    My coworkers are awesome!! I was blessed with a new job last month and everyone there has a great "team" attitude, everyone pitches in and helps each other out.

    At my last job, great coworkers is what kept me there longer, six months longer in fact.
  7. by   itsmejuli
    I really adore my co-workers, they all smile and I hear very few complaints from them or our homecare clients.
  8. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I stayed late tonight to help out because a resident had fallen. She was fine but I noticed that her glasses were filthy. I asked her if I coukd take them for a minute to wash them.Her nurse turned and said "That was really nice of you. We've never had a boss like you." It made my day. We can never forget to stick together as a team and to make sure our co workers know how much we appreciate them.
  9. by   NutmeggeRN
    I think often we do what we need to do, because - we need to do it, and it is the right thing to do. I have new co worker who has taken the place of someone who had been there for a number of years. She is doing a great job and will be superb at her role. She called me to thank me for showing her the little things-many of which are 2nd nature to me (and will be to her soon). I think it is so important to pay it forward, I just forget sometimes what difference it makes to the person who needs it.
  10. by   SarcasticLVN
    I float so I try to be considerate of the regular nurses on the station with their carts and the way they do things etc.. And some appreciate it, others just don't care. Last week One of my residents had a bad fall and he ended up with a huge laceration on his head that was bleeding everywhere, I'm 6 months on my first job and have no experienced that many emergencies yet so I still have a lot experience I need before I know exactly what to do. Before I knew it the cna was calling stat stat nurse so loud. Within seconds me and 4 other nurses showed up and they all just took charge! One with a towel and ice pack , one taking vitals, another with the tx cart. By the end of the day I went to each one of them and thanked them for their help and said I felt blessed I have an amazing team.
  11. by   Aeterna
    My unit is crazy - it's high acuity, very fast-paced, constantly underfunded (seemingly compared to other similar floors), and chaotic. It's difficult to recruit new staff to our floor because it has a bad reputation for being crazy busy. However, a common thing you hear amongst the staff is, "I stay here because of the people I work with." Basically, the only reason why we're not all leaving in droves is because of our co-workers!

    Basically, we all realize we work in an extremely stressful environment, but even so, we do our best to laugh and have fun. Last Christmas, we had some down time - a lot of patients go on day passes, leaving most of us nurses with some free time. So, a few of us went out onto the patio and made snowmen - the snow was perfect for it! The patients and families who could see us through the windows loved it, and of course we had a lot of fun, too.

    Or, there was the one night shift where one of the nurses brought in a whoopy cushion from home. We played around with it in our nursing station, but when that got old, we started pranking the other two medical floors! The nurses on the receiving end of those telephone calls had a blast, too.

    And yes, there are some nurses who are lazy and sit around while their colleagues drown, but for the most part, there are plenty of nurses who will do everything they can to help. We also have some amazing charge nurses, who do a better job of looking out for their staff and patients than the management does. Our current manager is trying to cut down on paying out overtime, so one of the charge nurses got in trouble with him for calling in a nurse for overtime to cover a sick call. Her response was basically along the lines of: "The floor is heavy. The nurses are drowning. It's not safe for the patients. So, I don't care if I get in trouble if it means no one is drowning in work."
  12. by   Hygiene Queen
    My coworkers are great...
    Because when I go home, they don't come with me.
  13. by   medic9872
    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    My coworkers are great...
    Because when I go home, they don't come with me.
    Hahaha I love this!

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  14. by   imintrouble
    My co-workers are great
    Because they tolerate my weirdness
    Nurses are among the most tolerant human beings on the planet.