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What was the wackiest scrub design you have ever seen? Do you prefer solid colors or design? Please share this with friends and post your comments below! Want more nursing cartoons?About A Nursing Student - Nursing... Read More

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    i prefer solid

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    I saw a scrub top that had skulls and crossbones on it. . .I don't think that would be appropriate to wear at all!

    I prefer solid colored scrubs: navy blue, ceil blue, and sometimes white. It makes me look more professional. Once in a blue moon I'll wear a decorative top.
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    I mostly wear solids. I also wear a lot of blue because - in the legal world - people "trust" people wearing blue. I am trust-worthy, regardless of color, but I figure every little bit helps patients/families to be more comfortable.
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    in my experience, the pants wear out before the tops. if you have solid colors, forget about trying to match a new solid color pair of pants to the old solid color top. with print tops, when the pants wear out you just get another pair of pants that picks up one of the colors in the top. i have one solid top, and the pants are just about to go . . . .
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    Do USA nurses wear scrubs all the time? Wish we did in UK!!!
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    Quote from gitanorn
    the only time i have ever wore white scrubs was during florence nightingale week. and during my clinical, since i didn't like the all white i decided to wear "hot red underwear" which drove my nursing teacher crazy...
    some old schooler on the board at this rural critical access county hospital felt, . .

    "it gives the patients a sense of comfort to see nurses in white uniforms, and white shoes."

    i'm not a "white scrub kind of guy either," give me olive green, or royal blue. i even wore lime green because they dared me. but, sadly, expression is frowned on at this facility.

    do you know how hard it is to find a pair of solid white shoes in this area????!!!!!!

    . . . oh, and kudos on the hot red undies!!!!!!!
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    Quote from Pinkmegan
    Do USA nurses wear scrubs all the time? Wish we did in UK!!!

    Hi Pinkmegan,

    Just out of curiosity what do nurses wear over there?
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    I prefer scrubs with designs because my patients seem to enjoy them as conversation starters. I havent worn plain white since nursing school.
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    It varies but scrubs are only worn in theatre and recovery. When I started nursing women had to wear dresses! Urrgh!!
    We now wear tunics & trousers, the colour of the top denoting your status. Although this varies from unit to unit.
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    I never wear solid tops. All prints, some subdued, some a little wild, some cartoons. Just one more thing to love about school nursing. I can also wear business casual when I feel like it, so sometimes I wear khakis and a polo top. Fridays are jeans with the school t-shirt.
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