Is it possible to get the holidays off?

  1. 16 Who is getting the holidays off? What's your secret?

    Do you prefer the holidays off or would your rather work?

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    I'm one of the lucky ones who works in a hospital and doesn't have to physically show up to work on holidays. However, there are things that make up for this: having to take call on two of the six hospital recognized holidays. So instead of working an eight or twelve hours shift, I am required to be within 30 minutes of the hospital from the time I leave my shift the day before until I start my shift the day after (or the entire weekend if Labor Day or Memorial Day). Still, I at least get to spend time with my family if they come to me instead of me going to them (they all live more than 30 minutes from the hospital). I also don't mind since we often don't celebrate the holidays on the day of the holiday itself- this year, we're doing the big family Christmas dinner the Sunday before because of having to work with so many different schedules.

    What I take issue with is the people who know what they're getting into, but who then ***** and moan about having to work a Christmas or Thanksgiving shift, then put a guilt trip on other people because they don't have kids and will they just work their Christmas shift so they can watch their own kids open Christmas presents.
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    I'm still on orientation, and I wish I was working the holidays. I get a huge premium for working holidays.
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    I work private duty. If my patient doesn't want a nurse I don't work. If I get back into a hospital, I really hope to get Thankagiving off. I'll work Christmas and New Year's without complaint.
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    I love working holidays. It's usually an easy day and it's double time & a half.
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    Ah the beauty of working in a school system...however I do perdiem in LTC so I offered to work Thanksgiving ($$$) and will be off the whole Christmas week while my son is up north from the ATL!!!
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    kids are mostly grown..we usually do a big family gathering the sat before christmas...the hospital where i work is pretty good about alternating holidays...i was scheduled to work thanksgiving last year and off christmas...this year is my year to work christmas

    docs are awesome and usually stay very late discharging as many as possible the days before holidays and then we usually wind up on call for the holiday!!

    That being said...i knew EXACTLY what i was getting into when i started in the medical profession
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    I'm not Christian so I don't care about Christmas, but I do love the double time.
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    It is possible to get the holidays off, assuming there are no communicable disease outbreaks or natural disasters requiring shelters staffed by nurses during the holidays. Public Health Nursing.
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    will be working thanksgiving night and christmas eve and day. new years day also, i think. we get time and a half and only for the shift were most of it is on the holiday. holidays can be easy or complete nightmares to work
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    The only holiday I give a damn about is Thanksgiving. Christmas is a pagan holiday, and the others are just sales holidays to me.
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    will be working thanksgiving and christmas eve and day. new years day also, i think. we get time and a half and only for the shift were most of it is on the holiday. holidays can be easy or complete nightmares to work
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    The only "holiday" I always requested off is Halloween. I LOVE Halloween!!!! Unfortunately if you work certain areas in New England it's easier to get Christmas day off.........
    Halloween is kind of big around Salem, MA...
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