I want to be a nurse with a 9-5 job w/ weekends and holidays off

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    Are you ready for Halloween? Do you have a costume to wear?

    If you had to choose a costume what would it be and why?

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    School nurses do...!
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    I'm thinking the costume wouldn't be scrubs and a stethoscope, then.
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    Why am I NOT laughing?
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    I am not a nurse (yet), but from what I've heard from other nurses, this is a very accurate depiction of the nursing career. You'd be lucky to get this kind of a schedule after years and years of experience.
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    Teehee funny. I think MD office nurses get that kind of schedule BUT most MD offices around here are opting for UAPs in the place of licensed office nurses.

    I'm currently underemployed and the only hours I can get are on weekends working 7p-7a ( though I would prefer 2nd shift and not 9-5 and I don't particularly care if I get holidays off ).

    Quote from hey_suz
    I'm thinking the costume wouldn't be scrubs and a stethoscope, then.
    Even though he is a nurse who has come in scrubs, he has come as something that doesn't exist (a nurse who works 9-5 c weekends and holidays off).

    I know, I know: "Eplaining a joke is like dissecting a frog: you understand it better, but the frog dies in the process." Mark Twain <3
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    I'm a nurse who works 8-4 with weekends and holidays off! Left the PICU for public health/school nursing for the county and it was the best decision I ever made. Oh, and to support your statement, I wear business casual.
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    9-5 In a hospital....right....and I'm second in line to the pope!
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    Does 7a-5p count? And yes I work in a hospital. No holiday or weekends
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    I just accepted an 8am-5pm Mon-Fri. job in a wound care clinic and I give God all the glory. I start November 5th

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