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How Nurses Feel... - page 2

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    Quote from SoldierNurse22
    Sometimes, I hold it so long that when I finally have a chance to go, I can't. :-(
    Then, about a half hour later, the waterfall breaks through the dam...
    I know that then, that's when my back teeth are floating and my eyes turn yellow!
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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    I know that then, that's when my back teeth are floating and my eyes turn yellow!
    Exactly! Then there's that awkward moment where, after you've been begging someone to watch your patients so you can pee, and someone finally agrees, you're like, I'm good. Don't have to go anymore. Standby for 30 minutes?
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    Quote from nervousnurse
    OMG!!!! ROFLMAO over "free-balling" annnnnnd, the Foley, Peg tube, and colostomy bag!!!

    The other day I had been so busy, I finally crammed a banana down my throat. I was still chewing when my boss walked up----I was sooo tired ,hungry, and not thinking---so I accidentally spoke to her with mouth full of banana....embarrrarassssssing!
    Wow, the things that popped into my head at that line...and I'm not even male lol. Great way to start the day with my mind in the gutter...
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    Forget working a shift with the foley...sometimes I just wish I could take it home with me. That way I can get sleep uninterrupted with bathroom breaks!
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    Quote from multi10
    Do I have to be a platinum member to post a new thread on this site?
    No any one can post a thread....go to the forum you want and find the blue box about 3 inches from the top and is just slightly left of center. Find the blue box that states

    Start a topic.

    To compare membership privileges.....Support the site and get more perks in the process!
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    Why? I take care of myself before others. If I have to pee, I go pee. If I have to eat, I sneak out for a few minutes and grab a snack. I dont get why people dont do this.
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    What is there not to get. One day I was on my way to grab a quick snack and pee and a patient coded. Ummm, that wasn't the time to say be right back.
    I get that when I have time or feel the urge I should go, especially if no body is coding but sometimes it is very hard.
    You have a point, it is important to take care of myself before others.
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    Most important lesson ever: Making sure I pee before traveling with a patient. Can't exactly have transport bag 'em for me, can I?
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    Why didn't you just keep them on till they dried??