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Do long hours of work still exists today? How many hours per week (avg) do you work? Do you see medical facilities in your area reducing or increasing hours? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with... Read More

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    i work two jobs, 24 on one and 40 on others so lets say 60 a week
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    Quote from ChristineN
    Your ER must not have much of an issue with boarding pts waiting for beds upstairs. During the week my ER is routinely boarding double digit pts, for anywhere from 12-36hrs. The other ER's in my town are the same way, and from what I have heard our ER actually has less boarders than other ER's in town. The one ER tends to board around 40 pts a day during the week.

    So yeah, when we are boarding they are calling ER nurses as well as med-surg nurses to see if anyone wants some OT boarding.
    I have never boarded any pts nor have I seen us board any. So we are lucky in that regard too. We arent largest ER or hospital but it just hasnt been an issue yet
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    I'm scheduled for 24 but work 36 most weeks.
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    I still haven't seeing the first episode of Mad Man!!! and I have recorded the entire volume from the beginning to present date.
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    At least 40 hours. Have been doing 8's but switch to 10's next week. They are cutting back on staff and OT but you can't stop traumas so I'm sure my hours will only increase.
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    36 hours. That's it. OT if I want it- but no mandates. Go Penn State Hershey Med Center!
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    13 nights per month.
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    I work two day 12 hours and two overnight 12 hours. So 48 a week if I do not get called in to cover someone.
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    35 hours a week. I wanted less than that but they only had FT avail. No complaints though because I LOVE my job. I also like the schedule of two on two off and I can work more in a row if I want a week off for a vacay.
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    we all love our jobs but sometimes the working hours are just too much but we still have to be considerate though..

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