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  1. AnnersPSHMC

    Herd immunity

    Well- being that 20% of hospitalized patients in the US are ages 20-40, this seems like an awful idea!
  2. AnnersPSHMC

    CCU or PCU?

    I LOVE PCU nursing. I work in a Heart and Vascular PCU. We do a ton of iv med with/without titration (ntg, amio, dilt, nicardipene, milrinone, dobut, dopamine, etc.) But the reason I love it- we get some critical patients- but I CAN TALK TO MY PATIENTS. That is so huge for me- I am a very "how does the patient feel" kind of nurse. If their BP is 70/40 but the patient feels ok- my worry factor is way lower than if I was looking at the #s alone. All in all- I wouldn't trade my PCU job for anything.
  3. AnnersPSHMC

    How many hours per week (avg) do you work these days?

    36 hours. That's it. OT if I want it- but no mandates. Go Penn State Hershey Med Center!
  4. AnnersPSHMC

    Defibrillation question

    F a razor. If someone is pulseless, you put on a set of pads and rip them off, thus leaving a perfectly hairless spot for the next set of pads to defib.
  5. AnnersPSHMC

    Defibrillation question

    In my hospital- Penn State Milton S Hershey Medical Center- we have removed the paddles completely from all defibrillators. We only use patches at this point for staff safety. But you CANNOT use the paddles without the "orange cheesy stuff" aka the gel. It doesn't conduct well enough.

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