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    HOUR??? I am lucky to grab the 30 min. that we are allowed!
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    I have frequently had the same,feeling,awareness,on occasions, but i call them GUT FEELINGS,on many times,it has actually saved a life, or my own,or my kids!!!When i have these times,or feelings,i NEVER DISREGARD THEM.
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    a lunch hour? what's that?

    Most of the time I just scarf down whatever food I can within the few minutes I have, if I'm that lucky.

    I have signed my checks/credit cards with "turnforthenurse, RN."
    Knocking before entering any room at home. Or anywhere, really.
    Washing my hands BEFORE going to bathroom (and after, of course!)
    Admiring veins from afar. I dream of putting in a nice 16G into those garden hoses. I even like palpating and admiring my hubby's veins
    My nurse walk...I walk very fast at work, and I do the same when I'm off the clock. Hubby is always telling me to slow down!
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    Automatic safety assessment of every building I enter.
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    Ha ha. Before I became an RN, I used to sign LPN on my checks sometimes. Ooops!
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    Use paper towel to turn off the faucet, or elbow when appropriate.
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    Quote from blackvans1234
    Use paper towel to turn off the faucet, or elbow when appropriate.
    Our hospital has the paper towel dispensers that are automatic, you know, wave your hand under it and the paper towel rolls out. Once I was at Disneyland, I washed my hands and waved my hand under the paper towel dispenser, I did it again. No paper towel. Yeah....it wasn't automatic, just a metal box with paper towels inside. Did I mention I had worked 3 or 4 shifts in a row before going to Disneyland?
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    nurses should learn to eat fast to maximize breaks..wow
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    Going to slide something into my pockets.... That don't exist! Because I'm off and not wearing scrubs!!! (ie, phone, pens, etc) :P
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