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  1. by   ReadyToListen
    Quote from CountyRat
    Yes, that is what I meant. I never got into the "Happy Birthday" thing, but I still perform the ritual with solemn reverence:

    Crank out the paper towel half way (lest I sulley my soon-to-be pristine hands on the bacteria ranch that is the towel dispensor knob), wash each finger individually ("do NOT forget the spaces between the fingers, the nail beds, or the area under your wedding ring!" I hear resounding sternly from the distant past), rinse from the wrist down (fingers pointet down, of course!), leave my dainty paws dangling over the sink (no shaking them and splattering water all about), tear off the afore mentioned, partially deployed paper towel, dry hands, and then, and ONLY then, turn off the water using the paper towel as a barrier against the festering sesspool of contageon that lurks upon the faucet handles.

    Whew, I am exhausted! Maybe some other time I will enthrall you all with description of how I exit the lavatory without (heaven forbid!) touching the Door Knob of DEATH, but right now I need to lie down for a while and regain my strength. You guys just continue without me.
    Encore!!!! LOL that was awesome
  2. by   jojo489
    Not only do I sign LPN after everything, but my signature itself has become a scribbled mess. (Renewed my drivers license for the first time since before nursing school- even the lady at the DMV commented about how much my signature changed!)

    Frisking myself for a pen when I'm not wearing scrubs...also, going to put something in a pocket that's not there.

    When my boyfriend aggravates me and I try to roll him off the bed, I don't just push him...I grab him by the shoulder and hip and he rolls like a perfectly round log.

    Using medical abbreviations in notes I leave for people that don't understand said abbreviations.

    Constantly assessing EVERYONE.

    Lists. All day, every day. With check off boxes to boot!
  3. by   AMatherRN
    For any task I do at home, I gather all my materials and arrange them.

    I also think about what else needs to be done and I try to prepare for multiple tasks.

    If I have to go upstairs or downstairs in our house, I make sure that I bring everything that needs to be done in addition to the primary task.

    And I've yelled at my husband, who was hit by a car and has a bunged up knee, to do the same because he will everlastingly go up and down the stairs for one thing at a time.
  4. by   peggy2624
    Quote from CountyRat
    I sometimes notice people glancing at me in the bathroom when I wash my hands. If asked, I just say, "Ahhh, old habit” and slink away.

    Really, if our instructors succeeded in beating one habit into us, it was hand washing. If nursing was a religion, hand washing would be a sacrament.

    And I bet you keep a dry towel to open the door, right? Good for you!!
  5. by   spotangel
    I love it Ready to listen!That is funny!
  6. by   flutist
    I always put my cell phone in the L side pant pocket. I've tried to put my phone away at home and dropped it on the floor. Also, we have keys for everything in LTC, even the bathrooms. When I work acute care, I'm constantly patting my pockets down for the bathroom key.
  7. by   GaleSRN51
    I line everything up in order of use. I use my "manager" voice when I am perturbed about something. ( My husband tells me to stop using my manager voice with him!). I eat in minutes (left over from being a Trauma Nurse in the ER). I sign RN after my name. Just about everything everyone else has said! Too funny. I never leave a bathroom without using a papertowel to exit the door. Most important of all, I never panic under severe circumstances, which is very good since I am a sailor.
  8. by   juicybath
    Someone else may have said this, but looking for IV sites on everyone, everywhere...:-)
  9. by   WKShadowRN
    I identify with many of these. regarding the "work-walk," I say I only have two speeds: stop and go.
    I had more to add but now I've forgotten.
  10. by   Pamela56
    Trying to use my work username and password to open my bank account...
  11. by   Pepper The Cat
    My first cat was diabetic. The first time I drew up his insulin, I look over my shoulder for someone to double check the dose.
    I had to show it to the cat before I could give it! Took me several doses before I broke the habit of looking for a double check.
  12. by   Nurse Medicine Woman
    I drive my family INSANE with the medical shows!! Or even X files with Scully. They REFUSE to watch any medical shows with me - either that or I am WARNED BEFOREHAND to not spoil it for them!! Sigh.
  13. by   Nurse Medicine Woman
    Yep, me too!