Everyone is getting into nursing these days... Everyone is getting into nursing these days... | allnurses

Everyone is getting into nursing these days...

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    Thanks to everyone we have a winning caption for our 5th Nursing Caption Contest.

    [FONT=comic sans ms]Congratulations to Paco69 for entering the winning caption! You won $100!

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    NO WAY!!!

    Just graduated and I'm starting a new job in 3 weeks, and was wondering how I was going to pay for some new scrubs (after paying $200 for the NCLEX-RN registration this week), what a blessing to wake up to this news today.

    THANK YOU allnurses for your votes!!
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    Congratulations, Paco!
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    That is some great timing Paco69! Great caption too!

    Good Luck with your new job!
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    Really nice Congrats Paco69!

    WHen I saw this cartoon, as I am an Infection Prevention RN, all I could think of was, "See when you don't wash your hands, the bacteria take over" But it just was not even that funny...
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    Congrats Paco! Good luck on the boards!!!!
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    Too Funny!
    Good Luck in your new job!
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    Congratulations on yourwin andyour new job.
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    congrats!!! on both accomplishments enjoy~ paco69,.....aloha~

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    LOL Aren't they but! Are those illegal aliens? or just English men in NY?

    Congrats. Have fun picking out some new scrubs
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    Congratulations Paco!!! Good luck on your new job!