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Every now and then we get someone who thinks they know better than us. They read it on the Internet so they know what is best. They seen it on TV so they know what is best. Has this happened to... Read More

  1. by   Kooky Korky
    As with so many life situations, we need to strike a balance. As some have pointed out, we can often learn from
    family/visitors. Other times, we find their comments less than helpful/correct.

    A lot of it is in the presentation. We have to guard against thinking we always know more and best, against
    being resentful of even the most innocent questions and comments from families, and the like.

    And we know, of course, that physicians many times are wrong. And we are the ones who, though often perceived
    as inferior to doctors, keep them out of trouble.
  2. by   anitalaff
    Quote from Penelope_Pitstop
    Background: the patient is on dialysis after years of diabetes. Picture at least ten family members at bedside.

    One family member (who knows the relation...sister, maybe? aunt?) says: "Well, I have the 'betes, too! But I don't need that dialysis because I keep glazed donuts in the ice box & I don't have sex."

    Well then. Now we know the secret.
    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Thanks for telling that story!
  3. by   Orca
    Brother-in-law, in his mid 50s and diabetic, believes that enough Benadryl is the solution to pretty much any medical problem, including when his blood glucose level spikes. Even more sobering, he has worked in a medical facility for years, he has been surrounded by nurses and doctors, and he still thinks this way.

    Sister-in-law (wife of the above), refused a TB skin test for work because it would give her TB. Also insists that her Turner's Syndrome is a terminal condition for which she should be given disability and be paid to sit at home, and if you say otherwise, "You just don't understand."

    A couple of years ago, I was DON at a women's correctional facility (I work in a male facility now). One inmate, who was always complaining about a lack of medical care despite having a medical file about a foot thick, was chronically noncompliant. When asked about it, she said that whatever instructions and medications that we gave her, she would discuss with her family over the phone, and they would decide what she would and would not comply with. She claimed that one of the family members is a doctor. If so, that is one unethical physician. This inmate was notorious for exaggerating and completely fabricating symptoms, and if she was doing it with us, I am equally sure that she was doing it with her family. This inmate eventually sued me and she also filed a complaint against me with the BON. Both were so incoherent that neither the federal court nor the BON could figure out what she was even alleging. I still had to waste time responding.
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    I blame fully WebMd and sites like them !!!!