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  1. greener22

    Pumping and working

    I would not say I am dick about it, but here is my feedback. In the past, I worked with an RN who would take her lunch break AND a pump break together so that she was off the unit almost an hour every day. By the time she got back the hospital cafeteria was closed so then I would have to miss lunch or vending machine it. I felt that was not fair to me and I asked the charge RN to send her to break last. He said he was afraid of retaliation (being a man) and had to let her go when she said she needs. Now I am working with an RN who pumps at work in HER time frame, not the patient needs. She goes at 1030 and 1430 regardless of what is going on with patients so the rest of us pick up the slack. I feel like she should pump when the unit is calmer. What do you all think?
  2. greener22

    FMLA coverage

    We have several staff out in FMLA and the hospital is not providing any temp/travel/prn coverage. We are working at half staff. Is the hospital required to provide coverage? No I do not work in a state with minimum staffing requirements.
  3. greener22


    I am not an over charter and I rarely have to stay over at the end of my shift to finish charting. I am actually getting flack from some of my peers because of it. They stay over 1-2 hours every shift finishing triple charting and they are getting in trouble for overtime .They say I make them look bad. I wonder if I am charting enough? I work in PACU where assessments and vitals are taken and charted every 15 minutes. If I give medication between the 15 minutes section, I don't make another assessment because I chart the pain score at say 1500, then the MAR reflects that I gave medication at 1505 , I don't make another assessment at 1505 to state I gave medication and then again at 1515 for the regular time column. Do I need to do that much charting? Is the MAR not enough to show that I did something? Coworkers tell me that every time I do an intervention I have to chart it, but is the MAR not enough? I mean some of them make 60 entries PER hour if titrating drips. Seems ridiculous. What do you think?
  4. greener22

    Does everybody want to be a NP?

    I see this all the time, especially with younger nurses who have less than 2 years experience. Seems like almost everyone is in NP school. even my best friend is now an NP and can't understand why I don't want to do that. I do have a MSN in Education and that is what I love. Where did this idea start?
  5. greener22

    I don't have time to pee!

    1. You can pee in 15 seconds ? and wash your hands !? 2. I do not have bathroom easily accessible to me at work and it takes a good three minutes for me to go on a pee break. So dont ypu nay sayers say that he/she has time to go. 3. I am often alone in the unit and there is no other staff there, so I cannot leave the patients alone for a second.
  6. greener22

    Certification or not

    I am interested in taking the certification exam. My coworkers tell me that it's a waste of time as it only get you $.50 more an hour and the hospital where I work does not pay for annual dues, only the exam. Is it worth it?
  7. greener22

    Calling in for no sleep

    I alo have a job wherein I take call at night. We are expected to be at our regular day shift regardless of if we worked all night, but they try to let me take 4 hours first. Doesn't always work out but if I call out for the day after I just worked all night and goes on my record as an inappropriate call out being tired is no excuse. if you can't do that type of work don't have that type of job
  8. greener22

    Calling in for no sleep

    Not appropriate to call in due to lack of sleep. If we all did that, there would be noone left. Parents often are up most of the night with sick kids, on call job responsibilites or personal issues. You should think about the staff your are leaving short handed, which itself could be unsafe. The better option is go in, assess the situation with the charge nurse and MAYBE get to go home early.
  9. I remember working on Thanksgiving and a patient's brother was an anesthesiologist. She decided to have some type of ice cream at 430pm. I was on my ac dinner medication rounds and he went off on me because she had to have her insulin at 5pm exactly, despite the fact that I had 5 patients who needed their supper insulin as well. He did not care about the other patients at all and she was at the far end if the hall so would get her tray last anyway. I had to stop midway and go see her before anyone else as he demanded it.