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    Avoiding Antibiotic Resistance: What to Tell Your Patients

    It is difficult to get people to take antibiotic overuse seriously when it is used regularly in cattle and chicken feed. Overuse? Sunday I took my daughter to a local urgent care of a children's hospital in my area. They sent us home saying that is just a viral illness and bring her back if she is not better in 2-3 days, for another $100 co-pay and 2 lost days of work of course. The next day she is even worse with higher fevers so we get a work in appointment Monday with our family docotor and he finds an ear infection. 36 hours and several doses of antibiotics later she is fever free and back to being herself. After a complete course of antibiotics the illness doesn't return. Guess where I will never be taking my kids? Can you blame me? Most people after paying $150 plus and missing a day of work most people would make the same decision. There has to be a better way or the public will never take antibiotic overuse seriously.