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Robmoo has 26 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in BSN, RN, CVRN-BC.

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  1. They quit asking us if we've been exposed and switched to just asking if we were having any symptoms.
  2. Med Error

    I haven't seen much in the way of attacks. I have seen a few posts regarding the seriousness of the error. Have you done some education regarding insulin and IV inulin use? Please don't leave nursing. Have you taken steps to get a regular jo...
  3. No! However, if you think that a colleague has COVID19 and isn't taking the appropriate test you do have a duty to report this up the chain of command. People can be exposed to COVID19 at a grocery store or any place else for that matter. Don'...
  4. Med Error

    Ovier-riding the safety systems that are in place to protect the patients is a HUGE red flag. Yes, as humans we all make mistakes. How many have made a mistake of this magnitude? This mistake cries out for remedial education and working in the...
  5. Med Error

    So you over-road the built in safety systems by giving insulin before the double sign off and then you gave a 100 fold overdose of insulin. Reporting to the BON is that director's responsibility. You need to do some remedial education regar...
  6. IV antibiotic administration

  7. The main reasons for purging all air from and art line is that number one air is compressible. Since it is compressible it will mute your wave form and destroy the accuracy of your pressures readings. Number two any air traveling into the blood str...
  8. I'm Done

    Darwin fixes stupid. We just don't have enough Darwin to fix all of the stupid. From the sample of Darwin that we've had in the last year, I'm not looking forward to more Darwin.
  9. Big Med Error.

    You are allowed to be human. You didn't try to cover up your mistake. You did what was in your patient's best interest. Your patient will be OK. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Once that is done it is time to address why the mist...
  10. Crushing Burden of Regulatory Compliance on Healthcare

    I went back to the ICU to help out during COVID and HATED it. I spent so much time doing data-entry that I didn't have time to take a break. Our facility is not unionized so breaks are only "as patient care allows." Which means that you usually do...
  11. Does it get better?

    Panic responses include fight, flight, or freeze. Being human and confronted with an unfamiliar situation you froze. Next time you might be a bit slow to respond, but having some familiarity with the situation you will respond. It is all a part of...
  12. Short Staffed: An Epidemic

    "Monday On 6/9/2021 at 4:15 PM, maryellen12 said: It's not rocket science. But if nurses continue to work under difficult circumstances the poor working conditions will go on. The only way I see to improve working conditions h...
  13. Short Staffed: An Epidemic

    That costs a lot more than a lunch bag with the company logo. 😉
  14. Short Staffed: An Epidemic

    It is a cycle. Nurses leave for one reason or another and if administration can't replace them in a timely manner pretty soon another goes and as the staffing ratios get worse and the remain staff get burned out and leave. Hospitals ought to have t...
  15. When To Just Not Go Back For The Next Shift...

    Look at JPS in Fort Worth. In 4 years in the ICU I was never tripled unless it was 1 ICU patient and 2 tele holds. The charting is a bit crazy, but it is a good place to work. For all I know the charting is crazy everywhere. I've moved on to a ni...