Don't you just hate it when you are scheduled to work on a holiday?

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    Memorial Day holiday weekend is right around the corner.

    Who's working the weekend? How about Memorial Day?

    Don't you just hate it when you are scheduled to work on a holiday?

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    No, as long as I know in advance so I can make or change plans as needed. Nursing is a 24/7/365 job and Patients still have to be taken care of on holidays. I do think the holiday schedule needs to be fair and unbiased. WHen hospital I worked at was: if I work this chirstmas, I am off next christmas,etc. So that worked out well.
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    I love the holiday pay!! But I also think that a holiday like New Years should include the Eve as well as the day....
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    Yes I do, particularly now since I have to work the 4th of July and Christmas again this year. I had to work those last year as well. I'd much rather work the other holidays than work these two, especially since I have kids.
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    I wish I never had to work a public holiday and still have no paycut.
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    Never cared until I had kids.
    Now, I have the revelation that a holiday is any darn day I choose to make it!
    So if I don't have Christmas on Christmas day, okay.
    The kids will just get to celebrate it more than once on my day.
    Tragedy for sure!
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    It was awfully hard on me and my kids because I was a single parent, and had no relatives near. Daycare was always closed on holidays, and it was impossible to find child sitters on holidays! I got stuck working Christmas every year, for years in a row. I was so jealous of my best friend, who was a teacher and got all holidays off! The job I have now is easier, but the kids are grown and gone.
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    Because I am Jewish I volunteered to work on Christmas Eve & Christmas day for many years. But don't getme wrong - my family was home and we would have enjoyed being together! When I was a kid, we always had a big family dinner on Christmas because everyone was off from work.

    But I worked more than my share of holidays through the years, and often had to beg for 'my' holidays off.

    So I don't feel bad for most people, except those, like applewhite, who had a hard time getting child care.
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    I only cared about Christmas, Easter, not so much the others unless there were special plans... I especially like that it is less hectic at work!
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    At my work, they recently took our holidays away. For years we would rotate holidays. Now we only get 2 off a year and it is their choice which ones. I didn't mind working them before, because if I worked Christmas this year, I would be off the next year. But of course management and unit managers are exempt from this rule. This only effects the floor nurses only, not the cna's. I think I will print out this cartoon, and post it on my bosses door when no one is looking lol.

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