Casting Nurses for the Walking Dead

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    Nurses, do you ever feel like a zombie after a hard shift?

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    Thank you! I forgot about this scene and I love it.
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    For zombies, those ladies have some pretty perky boobs, toned butts and legs hahahah.

    I just don't get the whole zombie phenom! Now vampires..I love me some vampire flicks! (NOT glittery vampires, can't stand the Twilight movies)
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    Twilight vampires are fairies. not vampires. Give me true blood.
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    Quote from Sparrowhawk
    Twilight vampires are fairies. not vampires. Give me true blood.
    OMG I love your siggy. I am soooo much a werewolf girl. Everyone else can have those True blood vamps.

    Love the cartoon!
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    Hahahaha this is so me.
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    Alcide is mine. *grin*
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    This is the blood drive theme right now. Giving away Walking Dead Tshirts and a chance to be in it. hehe

    I've never seen the show... don't get that channel.
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    Quote from Sparrowhawk
    Alcide is mine. *grin*
    Yeah, he's yours...after I am done with him. Get comfy it'll be a while before I tire of him. hahaha
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    Oh, darn it! I thought this was an actual casting call.
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