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Did the money play a factor in you choosing a nursing career? Do you think money is a factor in why people choose nursing as a career? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with... Read More

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    The truth sets me free THE MONEY!
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    I do like being a nurse, but I would be a veterinary technician if the pay was comparable.
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    I've always dreamed of becoming a nurse and now that I am one I'm not exactly happy. I do it for multiple reasons: want to help even when ppl don't want my help, want to make good money, job security. And I didn't have to go to school for a million years to get all these things! And you start out making big bucks right away so I wouldn't have to spend time and money with internships and graveling at the bottom of the company food chain before making a decent living. I would never regret my choice even though I'm not that happy because nursing is huge and if I don't want to deal with annoying stressful hospital based nursing I don't have to. I can be a nursing instructor, go into admin, home health, public health, pharm sales, IT stuff, case management...I can go on. Skies the limit with this license so although I'm not happy today, I will be once I find my niche. I'm glad we have this long list of work options!
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    Certainly not for the new grad pay in Georgia. Yet, I'm very grateful for the position, eager to start helping my clients and learning!
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    I'll word my sentiments in a different way: Never in a million years would I do this job for free.

    I am not a volunteer or a martyr. I do not show up at the workplace for free. Therefore, I expect to be paid for the services I render.
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    I absolutely LOVE looking like a nurse and I absolutely LOVE paydays. It's the in-between that really makes my life miserable. Being a nurse was my dad's idea for his only daughter. Back in those days, when this brilliant. LIFE-ALTERING decision was made for me, we had to listen to our parents. And since I had no job, no clue about loans, grants, or anything else that would have CONVINCED me to follow another path and defy my dad, HERE I AM, literally knee-deep in you-know-what most days. So. My dad threw me here; the inability to get a little breathing room so that I can catch my second wind and think clearly has kept me here. What's not to love about nursing!!!
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    Quote from Violach
    HAHAHA ("I do it because I love you")
    But BrandonLPN didn't say that NOR did he type it. You DID notice that. Right? LMAO!!!!!!!! He posted a picture and left the conclusion-drawing to us! LOLOL
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    in it for the money, health insurance and three twelves !!!! i make the most money of almost anyone i know. some of my finance or engineer or accounting friends make a few thousand more but they always work 80-90hr weeks ...
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    My decision to enter into nursing was far before I knew how much money I was going to make as a nurse. To investigate illnesses, help empower patients, by teaching, skilled procedures that include wound care, poop, foley, care of pts with chest tubes, hemovacs, vents, manage CRRT, ECMO/Heart-Lung machines, place central lines!!! Go abroad and work on a healthcare team!!! I really could go on and on...the area I live in nursing has expanded their role because of the ability to care for complex patients, and collaborate and work closely with physicians. I hands down LOOOVEE being a nurse, and I made the BEST decision to be a Nurse. This profession fits my interests in science, my personal quirks, and my personality as a whole.

    As for the money??? I will defer to what one of my clinical instructor's mantra is to her students:
    "Nursing will not make you rich, but you will certainly make a good living." And I agree...Nursing is really what you make it. The money, to me, is an added benefit. The wages I make have allowed me to buy a home, property invest, and travel abroad. The flexibility has allowed for family time, and in the position to start a family. Love reaping the benefits of a good decision!
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    Quote from BaileyCoco
    I have to agree that nursing was a great path to a well-paying job. I have been licensed less than a year and making six figures.It all depends on what area you live in and what area of nursing you work.
    What area do you work in? And what's your nursing specialty?
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