A word to the new, the inexperienced, the overwhelmed and the mystified - page 4

We all have bad days. I remember when I was new, bright eyed, bushy tailed, rampantly sarcastic (look, some things never change, alright?) and I used to look about and wonder why in the world it... Read More

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    Oh, CheesePotato, I was already laughing after your first wardrobe change but the pant split was spectacularly hilarious! Please keep writing...
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    OMG! My stomach literally hurts from laughing. Great story. Thank you, I needed that. (By the way, I have worn those mesh pants. Haha.)
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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    I could have used this reminder-cum-laugh today, but I will carry it with me for the next time when I feel like I am incompetent, am drowning and will NEVER get to your level.

    Every nurse starts somewhere. Even super-nurses.
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    Quote from KnitWitch

    Every nurse starts somewhere. Even super-nurses.
    ^^ Hear HEAR!!! Thanks for sharing CP!!!
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    You have a hilarious way with words. I love this, and wish I was a fly on the OR wall.
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    I just adore the way you write! I read this and then read aloud to my non-nurse husband. We both thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Can you write a book? Pretty please!?

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    Today was my amazing long day. Thanks for the laugh at your expense to make me feel a little better about my own
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    Thank you for sharing. Great story but even better point that we all as nurses need to remind ourselves.
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    Great reading material, a pick me up piece when someone feels down and having a bad day! Love it!
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