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  1. Stormy8

    HELP! Can an OR RN transition to a CRNA?

    I would be cautious on how to leave your position. You don't want to burn bridges. However I do agree that you do need to get into an ICU. I came from an OR. Was there for two years then got an ICU position in a CVSICU. Been there for 3 years. I'm starting school in the fall. You probably still need to get certifications, ACLS etc. basically I'm saying you have time. You def need to leave the OR. Just figure out when is the best time. Never burn a bridge bc they need to give you a recommendation.
  2. Stormy8

    Unsuccessful CRNA Student

    I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. This is a fear of mine as well as I'll be starting in the fall. Do you mind explaining what happened? Did the program try and help you?
  3. Stormy8

    To be a CRNA or not..

    I'm a SRNA starting school in the fall and I understand what you are saying. I'm nervous, excited, scared, you name it. But I have worked too hard to turn back now! You can do this! Believe in yourself!
  4. Stormy8

    Is CRNA School as Difficult as People Said?

    Thank you for the encouragement. I truly appreciate it!
  5. Stormy8

    Just finished my first semester. Ask me anything.

    I absolutely love this thread. I find myself coming back to it and rereading it. Now that I've been accepted into a program, I'm so excited and nervous. Chemistry is not my strong suit, I'll be honest. I don't enjoy it. Failure is NOT an option so I wanted to hear from your experience how much of chemistry is in the curriculum. A SRNA told me that you go over basics but it's more related to anesthesia which gives me relief. Truly thank you for all the information you have shared. This has been a long journey for me and I'm so excited to finally be a SRNA
  6. Stormy8

    Is CRNA School as Difficult as People Said?

    I'll be starting school next fall and i'm soooo excited!!! To be honest, I'm also nervous. Failure is not an option. Period. Chemistry is not my strong suit. Anyone have any advice?
  7. Stormy8

    Books to read before school starts

    Hi everyone! I recently have been accepted into school and wanted to hear of any books you recommend I read before hand. Thanks for your help!
  8. Stormy8

    Ask a CRNA any question you want

    I recently have been accepted into a CRNA program. What do you recommend I do in the mean time before the program starts? Thanks for answering all these questions. Great thread!
  9. It doesnt all depend on your GPA. Programs look at the full picture. At least the one I got accepted in. Experience is important. Plus, have you got your CCRN maybe even subspecialties (CMC, CSC, etc). Are you involved in your unit? Committees? AACN member? You have good recommendations? Even with a not so competitive GPA, why not take a grad level course, Advanced Pathophys to help your case. GRE? Above all, if you want it, you can get it. You just have to put the time and work into it.
  10. Stormy8

    University of Maryland

    Did anyone get rejected yet? I'm still waiting for a response from them. Still says committee ready?!
  11. Stormy8


    Congrats! I'm about to start studying now. I hear all good things about Laura G's DVDs but they are really expensive. Anyone know where I can get them for a cheaper price? Thanks!
  12. Stormy8

    Need to rant

    Well said. Thank you for your input!
  13. Stormy8

    Need to rant

    So....need to let off a little steam. I work in a CVSICU. Had a patient who was dying. In liver/renal failure...lactate >20, acidotic, full support. Family plan to come in the AM to say goodbye. Brief picture for you. I take on care of pt. currently maxed on VASO and very high dose of Levo. My pressure sudden started softening. She's been labile all day. Checking my Aline, ran a cuff pressure to check. Previous iCal was low so I grabbed a CaCl stick and gave it to the patient. BP improved. Mind you before all this, I called my NP to ask her if she could give me the plan for the patient when she could and she replied with attitude :)...I'm busy with two bleeding patients. Totally understandable. Once she was able to come see me, I told her what happened and she yelled at me and told me to write myself up for giving the CaCl without an order. I see where she is coming from. Just wanted to get that off my chest and maybe get some feedback.
  14. Stormy8

    Should ICU get more pay than floor nursing?!?

    Alright everyone. He apologized. Let it go. We all get it. No matter where you work, we all work just as hard. Let's move on.