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She called my name down the hallway. To me, at the other nurses’ station. Why she did that, I don’t know. I had a phone next to me. She’s the unit secretary. Why doesn’t she know my extension? “You have a phone call. Johnson’s... Read More

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    bookworm78910-thank you for the reply to Sakura_RN. That is what was happening and why he thought she was dying.

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    Rules are meant to be broken and sometimes we have to have the courage to treat others as human beings. What if you where on the other side of that phone call? You have to use your judgement. On that case transferring the call directly to the patient would have been sufficient. No laws would have been broken. We need to be human again and stop being so guarded about those we care for
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    Every day with every interaction I have to remind myself of this... that the little things are the most important things. Even though I am busy and have one million things on my mind, I have to stop and be present with the person in front of me, for it is my "kuleana" (this word is hawaiian, and I can't think of the English version)

    There was a frequent flyer, chronic pain patient who was often a pain in the A** on my floor that almost everyone had disregarded for his "cry wolf" sydrome. But I had somehow gained his trust . There was one very busy night and this patient had once again lashed out at my CNA. I walked in with his pain medication 10 minutes late. He was obviously upset and in pain. He Said " why are you late?" I explained that I was very busy and had a lot of patients to take care of. But instead of walking out after the interaction and getting back to my tasks I sat down with him. I told him "you are not my only patient, but you are important, just as important as all of my other patients. And no matter how busy I am I will always have time for you."
    He said that was the nicest thing anyone had ever said to him. We sat for a few moments, I held his hand. It was a very touching moment. Even the people who are the hardest to deal with deserve our time and our caring hearts.
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    That was a very beautiful and sweet story. Thank you

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