1st Nursing Cartoon caption contest - win $100 - page 7

nurses, it's your turn. put on your thinking caps, write the caption to this cartoon and have a chance to win $100. ;) ... Read More

  1. by   NurseLCoop

    Angela: Oh Gosh, they really made Fred come to work like that!?
    Chris: Yea, I know .... he's sick as a dog.
  2. by   chicarn
    High patient satisfaction rating --------> Nurse should work like a dog and treated like a dog
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  3. by   qestout
    Male Nurse: Is that my new Littmann Lightweight II S.E.?????
    Female: (gasp) You bought pink?
  4. by   theNicole
    Nowadays, nurses come in all shapes and sizes and...creatures!
  5. by   jojonavy
    Hey! No Ruff housing in the hospital!
  6. by   Joyfull77
    Figures....even dogs have decided to become doctors because nursing school is too hard to get into...
  7. by   EarlyRN
    Stop barking orders!!!!
  8. by   agldragonRN
    Is that Doctor Dolittle?
  9. by   agldragonRN
    I didn't know Snoop Dogg works here.
  10. by   agldragonRN
    oh no, not another efficiency watchdog!
  11. by   Bortaz, RN
    I really wish this Joint Commission investigator would stop sniffing around our unit!
  12. by   agldragonRN
    i'll tell you where the hydrant is if you just give me a haldol order for my combative patient.

  13. by   Art_Vandelay
    Overhead: <beep beep> Code Cat-astrophe! Paging Dr. Chase! <beep beep> Code Cat-astrophe! Paging Dr. Chase!