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Nursing is my lifelong dream and something I've always had a passion for. For as long as I can remember my mother has been a diabetic, along with many of my family members. Still today, I can remember the frequent hospital visits and medical attention my mothers' disease required. Because of her lack of medical concern, she encountered many complications such as high blood pressure, blurred vision, and neuropathy. At a young age, I committed my time to help improve my mother's condition by showing support, attending doctor appointments, and simply encouraging a better diet. My family has exposed me to the art of caring, and these events initiated my desire to become a Nurse Practitioner. I admire the care and support that Nurses are able to offer patients on a daily basis. I currently work in the Acute Psychiatric Hospital for the state and our population mostly consists of schizophrenic/bipolar patients. I am passionate about mental health awareness and promoting for there to be more hospitals that not only treat our bodies, but also our minds. Becoming a Nurse is only a stepping stone to my dream of being a Nurse Practitioner; I've always wanted to work in an environment where I can see the impact I’d have on another persons’ life. Nursing has become a valued profession to me because of my personal experiences and the idea of healing others with my God-given skills and knowledge for another’s lifelong advantage. I joined Anderson University because it focuses nursing around a health care model that incorporates a Christ-centered and faith driven clinical practice. I believe that this model of care is important in the healing process because Nurses can relate and help patients using a holistic approach, not solely focusing on treating the illness but the “whole” patient.

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  1. NurseLCoop

    Passed NCLEX 75Q 2016

    Can you send me the 35 study guide! I take the NCLEX very soon! :)
  2. NurseLCoop

    How is everyone gettig their text books

    I did do some traveling for them .....like to ct northwestern I think. but if you can get them shipped to your library with interlibrary loan you may not have to travel
  3. NurseLCoop

    How is everyone gettig their text books

    I am going to be honest, I was in BPT hospital SON back in Aug 2012 and I was able to get EVERY single book from the local libraries through Inter-library loan throughout CT. Its alot of work but it'll save you alot of money in the long run. You just have to keep re-renting your textbooks every few months, but you wont pay a dime
  4. NurseLCoop

    2ndsemester Mental Health & research. Help!

    Thanks sooo much everyone! I will definitely take your advice :) I plan to go back to school for my DNP part time after a years experience Med Surg. So maybe I should familiarize myself with APA lol I'll keep it all in mind
  5. NurseLCoop

    2ndsemester Mental Health & research. Help!

    Thank you guys! I'm really excited, I just want to make sure I'm using credible resources. My teacher that taught Pathophysiology is teaching the Research class, so this should be pretty interesting. We also have a Mental Health clinical and Adult Health clinical that I'm excited about :) How was your personal experience on those rotations?
  6. So next semester in my BSN program is mental health and Research. I don't know what to expect, any helpful websites you guys know of? Anything that helped you to survive? My teacher gave a heads up that we need to be real familiar with APA format, and I hate APA format!! Any other advice?:***:
  7. NurseLCoop

    November 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    'Go ahead, tell him everything I told you.' 'Well maybe we should switch seats '
  8. NurseLCoop

    October 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Doctor: " Nothing for apical, how 'bout radial?" Nurse: "I've got nothing either doctor. I'm sure he's fine doctor, his wife claims she brought him directly here after his NClex exam"
  9. This is my first time doing anything like this. So lost, but this is what I got so far...... The scenario is: 1- What is your plan of care when you enter the room? Describe the first few actions you will complete immediately upon entering and the rationale for doing so. 2- Discuss communication techniques you will use in addressing this patient who is resistant to your care. 3- Define cultural awareness and what it means to you. How do you think it relates to this patient care scenario? 4- Summarize your proposed plan for this patient. Sue is a 78 year old female client three days post op a right hip replacement. She is currently on your surgical inpatient floor. Sue is awaiting transfer to a short term rehab facility. In order to be transferred she must complete an evaluation by physical therapy. Sue is resisting an evaluation and any turning and repositioning until she speaks with her eldest son. Unfortunately, after several attempted calls to her son, he cannot be reached. As care is delayed, it is evident Sue's pain is increased and the risk of losing her bed at the rehab facility becomes more evident. Sue has also refused breakfast this morning and appears more withdrawn. Please care for the client in the role of the student nurse and help to communicate why mobility and nutrition are so important. Help to facilitate the plan of care for this client. PMH: Allergy to Penicillin. Immunizations up to date (including pneumonia and flu). History of GERD and hypertension. On contact precautions for history of MRSA in urine. Patient is a widow and is Asian. I would first take the patients blood pressure upon entering the room to ensure that it is under control(given hx of HXTN), and assess the client for pain (b/c she is post-op). Observe the clients expressions and actions, which may provide more information on whether she is experiencing pain. Enourage the client to eat some food or to drink at this time because she hasn't ate breakfast. The student nurse would find out if there are any language barriers that would make it difficult for the client to express how she is feeling. Introduce his/herself and encourage the client to express her feelings and how she feels about the move to the Rehab; discussing some of her cultural beliefs. Ask the client if there is another familiar person in her family besides her son that she can speak to (or offer self). Cultural awareness is being able to acknowledge, accept and even appreciate the differences of other cultures. Having cultural awareness will enable the nurse to provide culturally competent care. This is specifically important given this scenario with a client from an Asian background.A nurse that is culturally aware would understand that clients from such backgrounds tend to be more shy or withdrawn; also refraining from expressing pain. The student would need to express to the older client the importance of mobility and nutrition given her medical conditions and the fact that she is post op, which makes her more susceptible to infection, falls and developing pressure sores. Explain to the client that good nutrition is important because poor nutrition willlead to a weakened immune system which may cause MRSA infection to reoccur. pain management is needed following surgery to decrease the effects of pain and increase mobility in the older adult client.
  10. Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing ! Diploma Program Bridgeport, CT Lovelovelovelove it :)
  11. NurseLCoop

    BHSN: Applying to Bridgeport Hosp for Fall 2012

    I'm very familiar with fafsa from applying fo college each year and they notify you about all your loan info . And if you listed bpt hospital on your fafsa you can call bpt and theyll have your info...i recently called 2months ago and asked all that good info and a woman was glad to help me in the financial aid dpt at bpt hospital :) just give em a call !
  12. Though I haven't reached my ultimate goal in life, I can honestly say that the ones I have reached fills me with a sense of hope and accomplishment. For as long as I can remember long term goals never worked out for me; I guess because it was so difficult to see my destination from such a far distance. With that, I often lost motivation and drive. So, I tried turning my longterm goals into short ones. These little goals overtime woukd ultimately make up a big picture. My little inches began to feel like leaps. These are just my inspiring words revelant for the many people out there that want to go into the medical field. Its a difficult field to get into but hardwork pays off and it feels great. "Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail"Anyone ever feel like their goals are unreachable?
  13. NurseLCoop

    BHSN-Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing Fall 2011

    Hey, Im new to this website but I've also recently applied to BHSN and I've also been biting my nails since I dropped off my application of roughly 2weeks ago. Here are some of my credentials: Psych:B A&P:A Chem:C Bio101:A ENG101:B ENG102:B KINESIOLOGY:B TEASV: 76.3 Individual score:sniff: I attend Anderson Univ. in Anderson, SC as a sophomore and I've been enrolled in rigorous courses since high school. I've taken 3 AP classes and I've been involved in 4 sports throughout high school along with numerous clubs. I can say I'm sort of a well-rounded individual. I had a GPA of 3.4 until this past semester I bombed my chem class with a C , the class weighed 5cred hrs . which caused my GPA to really suffer. So now I have a GPA of around 3.2 . The only confidence I do have in my application is my essay and my 3 references which I can say were EXCELLENT. hopefully these can help me get in, because unfortunately this is the ONLY school I applied to with no back up plan. wish me luck!