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Hello. I am new to the site. I am looking for work in the dfw area. I have no restrictions on my license except to work under the supervision of another rn. I do not have any narcotic or shift worked restrictions. I have an... Read More

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    Thank you turn is next..We will make it through this and I am behind you all the way.
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    Please keep us posted and let us know how you are doing! And remember: sometimes, you don't have the luxury of working through recovery one day at a time---sometimes it's one CRISIS at a time, one hour at a time, one grit-your-teeth-and-hang-on-for-dear-life minute at a time. I just celebrated my 20th sobriety birthday Jan. 1st, and believe me, I still fight the battle every day of my life. You can do this. You're on the right track. Keep up the GREAT work!!
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    Thank you so much are spot on with the minute to minute hang on. But, it gets better everyday and I am so thankful. Bless you.
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    I have a year stipulation and about 4 months left. I have to work for a facility, no agency. I tried JPS and they would not hire me. Have you found anything?
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    I have!! I am working for the hospice inpatient unit. I work 3rd shift under the supervision of a charge nurse, I pass a lot of narcs, and I am getting uds from first lab. I really like the work. I read a lot of negative things on the forum about this unit, but other than some grumpy nurses, it is a great place to work. They do not have any openings at this time, but..they open up all the time for 3rd shift..not everyone is cut out for intensive hospice inpatient work, so they turn over regularly. I am glad we are friends on this site!!! nurse::heartbeat
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    Glad to hear you've found work. Hang in there---you'll have bad days, but you'll get through 'em because you're stronger than your problem. Good luck!!
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    Thank you are a true source of inspiration. nurse::heartbeat
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    @ backtowork

    Hello, I am new to the site as well. I am actually glad that I was sent here . I have the exact same stips as you have with your license. And I was a ble to get a prn job working at a clinic. But I am having trouble finding something full time in the waco area. And I drive to hillsboro for the prn job. I am seriously thinking about looking for employment out of the waco area. I try to stay positive & focused, and of course Im keeping my faith in GOD; but at times I allow my situation to get the best of me.

    Sorry; dont mean to go on and on. I would like to know if you have and advice or suggestions for me.

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    @ faithdetermined: sending you a PM
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    Hi Faithdetermined..well come to the forum..Good for you getting on with working off your stips..Is there any chance your PRN job could be full time in the future?

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