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Hello. I am new to the site. I am looking for work in the dfw area. I have no restrictions on my license except to work under the supervision of another rn. I do not have any narcotic or shift worked... Read More

  1. by   RenieRN
    Hi traumaRUs, you said that you work in several Fresenius dialysis units and they are recovery-friendly? Should I apply in person then? I applied online but have not received even a call-back. From what I understand, getting past HR is one of our biggest hurdles. I would appreciate any advice you may have. Thank you.
  2. by   traumaRUs
    I'm an APN and work for a group of nephrologists. I work in several Fresenius dialysis units and know several of the nurses (actually they are the managers) who are in recovery. I would apply in person and perhaps thru your local support group, they could give you names of people to contact. As to getting past HR, agree with others that being vague (not lying or hiding the truth) but being vague, you can maybe slip by. I know in my area (central IL) there are several job openings.
  3. by   GitanoRN
    Quote from backtowork
    the fine folks on this forum gave me the courage to keep on fighting to be a full time nurse again..and i want to give that courage to you.
    first of all, i would like to congratulated you on your accomplishments for excelling in your program plus landing a job and 2nd. for giving hope to those who are or might be in your situation. without a doubt, they too can see the light at the end of the tunnel if they keep the faith. wishing you the best always....aloha~
  4. by   backtowork
    Thank you GitanoRN, 5 months of stips down, 7 to go. I always enjoy your positive upbeat posts. Thank you for your support on this forum.
  5. by   babigrl
    When you interviewed at JPS did they specify that you weren't eligible for employment mainly because of the board order or were there other factors that came into play. I've recently interviewed at Cook Childrens and I was told that my order made me ineligible for employment. I would love to talk to you further but since I'm new to this site I can't PM. Can you please email me at
  6. by   abschick
    Hi backtowork, your story is so inspiring. You told us there are always hope! I found your post from Google search as I was looking for places who would hire my friend. My friend has been a RN for 10 years. She has been looking for a job since last year under the board stipulation. She has not even got one call or reply. Do you mind send me an email and let me know where you are working at? My email is I want to help her out so bad. She has 3 kids and her husband will be laid off soon. She really needs her job back. I appreciate your help and God bless!
  7. by   backtowork
    Sure,,I will be happy to e mail you.
  8. by   backtowork
    I started this thread as a very frightened, very hopeless, and very angry nurse of 34 years tenure and many years of addiction. Thanks to a program, a higher power, and a lot of support from friends, family, and the fine people here, I am able to post this today.

    Good things happen when recovery is maintained. I am living proof of that today. Today, I begin my new job with the same company that hired me, 9 months ago, under my stipulations. I have been promoted to Patient Care Liaison for the marketing department. Yes, I am still under stipulations from the BON until January 2013 (with the continued grace of God, I will be done then.) I was originally hired to work the night shift with supervision and only PRN with no benefits, no guarantee of hours, and no confidence that they would want to deal with my restrictions for very long. After nine months, I have been promoted to work 9-5, no weekends, and no holidays, at a good salary.

    I do not post this to boast or brag. I post this to be a beacon to those who are beginning the process, or feel beat down by the process and have no idea who, if anyone, will ever hire them with a permanent BON public disclosure and practice restrictions. I read in this forum, over and over, the same struggle that I had finding work and being accepted back into the nursing field. I can hear the desperation in their hearts written between the lines.

    I am here to say it can be will be done..but not in our time frame and certainly not how we think it should happen. So, Please! Stay strong, stay clean, and stay focused. I am nothing special..I am not a super nurse, I am a garden variety recovering nurse addict. If it can happen for me, it can happen for you..both in the dark terrifying past of full the bright sunny future of continued recovery.
  9. by   jmo1231
    Congratulations, Back to work! I wish you all the luck today in starting your new job! I do believe recovery makes us stronger and gives us the tools to move forward and deal with all these stipulations ! Yes, it can be done and you have come a long way! We both started this program I think around the same time. I, too am working again and have a 3 year program in PA. So , you will be gone before me! You are a great inspiration for anyone starting out in these BON programs and most importantly for those of us in Recovery! You give hope and lead by example that in staying clean and sober good things will happen but not in our time, on Gods time or whoever ones higher power chooses to be. I wish you good luck today and know you will be a success at your new job!
  10. by   TXRN2
    congratulations, backtowork!!! you are very much a mentor, & offer much hope to so many here!! i hope you love your new position!!
  11. by   hope1967
    Hello backtowork.
    I have started to get so very discouraged I decide to log on here while waiting and praying for a call back from a interview I had yesterday. I read the above post's and now have my hope renewed. I have been an RN for 18 years and struggled with addition for several years. Because of the grace of God therapy group etc.. the wonderful people I have around me I have been clean for 26 months I did get my license reinstated with stipulations. I surrendered it over 2 years ago so I could get well. I have been searching for a job any job as a nurse here in Corpus Christi and the surrounding area. I tried being honest with one recurter about the board stipulations and heard it in her voice before the conversation was over I never got any calls on any of the several positions I applyed for. Next phone call I talk to recurter got one interview thought it went well told the manager about the board stipulations she said no porblem I got so excited and here I am 3 weeks later she has not even bother to call and let me know that I was not being cosidered for one of the 5 positions. I am so worried and scared, and ashamed. The one thing I love and am good at and now no one wants me. Thats how I have been feeling. I have interviewd at nursing homes no call backs as soon as I tell them you can see it on their faces. I don't know what to do There really isnt any where else in the surrounding 50 miles to apply :-( I know that that God will place me where he wants me its just so hard Thank you for the encourgement it helps
  12. by   backtowork
    Hello Hope1967. I feel your pain and I know you are in the dark place of despair and shame. I know that place well. I also know there are better days to come. This journey is a rough one, but there is a reward in weathering this storm.

    The people who did not hire you did you a huge favor. They are not worthy of your gifts as a nurse. Keep thinking about finding those who are. They are out there..I promise. Do not be afraid to look more than 50 miles out. I know it is a crazy long way to drive with gas prices and all, but it expands your searching territory. Do a map search from your home in 10 mile increments out and apply for EVERYTHING as you expand..even jobs you know wont hire you. Remember, our diseased brains play tricks on us with our shame and embarrassment to keep us from finding opportunities. Keep searching and applying as you move through 10-20-30 etc mile radiuses and don't stop. We fear rejection, it is part of our illness. Embrace rejection as a learning opportunity, practice sessions, and character building. The more you get turned down, the better you become at knowing what not to say or what not to do the next time. Make finding a job your full time job for now and become an expert at it.

    At the end of the day, stop and breath..and realize it is not a job, or being a nurse that defines us. It is just part of what we do and who we are. Hug yourself often and remember to laugh every chance you get. TXRN and JMO above have been there too and lots of others who are here to support you.
  13. by   jmo1231
    Back to work, well said . You have helped me so much in this continuing journey of recovery. I hope all others who are seeking advice are reading and listening to your posts! I hope all is going well for you in your new job!