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Hi everyone. Im a RN trying to find employment in Virginia. I have a reprimand on my license after it was suspended briefly due to investigation. (I was in the Florida IPN for 5 years. Virginia is my home state. Once I returned... Read More

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    Send me a message. I can help. thx

    Wish me luck. Please email me at theroys88@gmail.com
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    How did you even get employed with a staffing company? Did you seek them out during investigation?
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    I am sorry for you and whatever your issues are regarding your license. Nursing is a very unforgiving profession. Nurses that have had problems with diversion are the ones that there is zero forgiveness no one ever wants to hire them.i feel bad because everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves because doctors get it and nothing is ever disputed. Very unfair. You might see if there is a nurse attorney who represents nurses with these types of problems. See if they can help. It may cost but it may be worth your self-respect. Good luck!
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    You do not have an 'active unrestricted RN license'. You have a permanent, as in 'forever', encumbered license, and will be blackballed, forever. Your past will never be forgiven. Never. You must realize this, to be able decide if you should find another way to make a living. Best of luck, to you.
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    What do I do?????[/QUOTE]
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    It's not forever, Suzie...from my understanding. I am currently in HPMP (VA's program) and from what I was told, after the 5 years of HPMP, the license becomes an unrestricted compact license. I would imagine though, that my board order will forever be online.
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    @ wish_me_luck: how are you doing?? been wondering about you! how are things going with the job hunt/your recovery program??
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    I am doing pretty good. I still don't have a nursing job. I will admit, I haven't looked as much as I should be. In a little over a week, I will have a year sobriety. In a week, I will have been in HPMP 8 months. I am fine as far as the BPD; I think self awareness helps a lot and taking personal responsibility. I am still doing the volunteer thing and I really like it. I am getting ready to start facilitating NAMI support groups and hope to build it into an affiliate and try my best to help other people with mental illness (and substance abuse issues). I did apply for a job that deals with psych. I hope my personal (and volunteer) experience can help land the job.
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    I feel for you, and for me, and for the millions of other Americans that are becoming 'beyond redemption' for past transgressions irregardless of the severity of same.
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    Hello there. New here and this is my first post. I was recently fired for opiate abuse at work and have just enrolled in HPMP. have any other nurses found work in VA while in the program? I'm pretty scared about all of this and am wanting to know if I have a hope of working in the va beach tidewater area...

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