Overwhelmed !! ....

  1. I started a new job,Yeah !! But I have'nt worked since this last April. I really feel like a fish out of water and then some. Monday will be day 3 and I guess I expected myself to be able to jump right in and start doing it ! I feel so intimidated by the fact that I need to learn their systems,their phone extensions,how not to get lost in the building and etc,etc... Has anyone else felt so inept at areas you used to be very proficient ? I just want to crawl under a large rock... Please help...
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  3. by   BEDPAN76
    Hi Rascal and congrats on the job. Remember, you are NEW! It takes time. Just think, you have a JOB! You are earning $$$$ again! These are normal "stressors" for anyone in a new environment. You have been through worse than this, I'm sure. Re-activate that sense of humor and laugh off these frustrations. You can do it! And keep posting. Sending you best wishes!
  4. by   Tweety
    Entirely normal feelings for everyone...recoverying people or not.

    Put one foot in front of the other and stay focused on one moment at a time. If you have to excuse yourself to the bathroom to say the Serenity Prayer, so be it.

    Best of luck to you and congrats on going back to work.
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  5. by   Silverdragon102
    I am sure things will settle down and you will find your feet. Everyone goes through this when starting a new job especially if it is somewhere they haven't worked before. ell done on getting a job and getting back on your feet
  6. by   chiefshewho
    I am so happy for you! It must be difficult to go back to the floor. I will be going back in a few weeks if everything pans out. I can already identify with that feeling. I have not worked since July. We have jobs though! You have all our support here.
  7. by   Magsulfate
    How are things now? YOu really must update us!!
  8. by   chiefshewho
    Rascal or me ETN?