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Rascal1 specializes in Med-Surg., Agency Nursing, LTC., MDS..

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  1. Rascal1

    16-Pound Baby Born toTexas Woman

    I delivered my beautiful son via "V-section" ! And he was "only" 10.1 and 23 inches long.
  2. Rascal1

    Nurses with Rheumatoid Arthritis

    I have thought about trying Hospice home care, but don't know to get into it ? Any thoughts? I too, take Mthx. ,used to take Enbrel. I also take prednisone 5 mg. and will be starting Arava. My thoughts on R.A. are that there should not be significant pain/swelling daily. Meds. need adjustments if there is. How long have you had R.A.? Michelle
  3. Rascal1

    Nurses with Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Thank you for sharing your story. Are there nurse's aides that help you with the bath ?
  4. Rascal1

    Why is Holistic-ism frowned upon?

    It goes beyond eating right, exercising and doing everything in moderation. It seems our ever evolving technology is killing us, from the food we find in the supermarkets,to the microwaves and our cell-phones. I think most doctors are controlled by the mixed greed found within the A.M.A.,the big insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the attorneys. If we are too healthy they all get paid less!
  5. Rascal1

    Employment question for experienced nurses

    You have nothing to lose if you apply for that open position. I would be wary,however,as to why the position has not been filled yet. Any way that you can be a detective?
  6. Rascal1

    Gotta question

    well, thank you very much !!!!!!!
  7. Rascal1

    Gotta question

    Excellent ! I have an interview later today. And I have been struggling with how to respond to common interview questions. I decided to be quite frank today. Wish me luck !
  8. Rascal1

    Gotta question

    Congratulations on completing the program ! It seems you almost answered your own question. "some hav already heard your story" . I've had a similiar problem except that I entered an inpatient rehabilitation program and on my accord. I did'nt have an issue or they with me(board). I finished it last September, and struggled and still do with how to respond to questions upon going on interviews myself,given what I know about the attitudes of many other nurses. As, I'm sure jackstem can attest. Ignorance abounds. Keep us posted...
  9. Rascal1

    Nursing and Fibromyalgia

    I'm wondering if anyone is familiar w/ the Fibromyalgia treatment centers of America,which boast several centers around the country ? From what I have read it sounds like a wonderful resource. But,I'm wondering how the average middle to low income population can afford the expensive appmnts.,testing and treatments? As they do not deal w/insurance companies. They let the patient worry about that.?
  10. Rascal1


    i'm still in the learning stage,that's for sure. i've yet to get an official dx., but that's okay, the other issues have my attention. i know there's no cure anyway. or so they say. i was feeling so much pain last month, that i broke down and went for a massage, but it was'nt relaxing at all, just kind of painful all over. i was hoping it was healthy pain ,to break up the trigger points. now that we've had mostly rain for the last week, i'm in a lot of pain all over the place and with the r.a. too ! yesterday i slept most of it away...
  11. Rascal1

    $$ RN liscence $$

    You made great points. I really don't want to see our renewal go up to $ 200 bucks next year !
  12. Rascal1

    5 years today!

    Happy, Happy Birthday ! ! !
  13. Rascal1

    Renewal cost of your license ?

    What does your state charge you every year to renew your nurse's license ? Does that amount go up every year ? It is a shame we can't deduct it at tax time.
  14. Rascal1

    Terrible clinical day, nurses don't seem to care.

    Wow, thank you that is well put. In addition, because we live in a constant flux of change,I personally would direct the student to please check the chart for any possible changes. I can still hear my/our instructors asking us (back in the dinosaur days), "Did you check the chart?" ...
  15. Rascal1

    Terrible clinical day, nurses don't seem to care.

    No,of course not, just being in the building does'nt give anyone or a student permission to access a patient chart. How ridiculous !
  16. Rascal1

    Terrible clinical day, nurses don't seem to care.

    Students could very well have reason to peruse a patient chart,but appararently not this particular student.:icon_roll