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Hello all, I am currently taking my prerequisites for Nursing. I know two nurses, one is a friend of my mothers and she is a Nurse Practitioner and my boyfriend's mother is a charge nurse in the ICU. Both of them smoke... Read More

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    Quote from DavidKarl
    Your facts about alcohol related driving deaths are incorrect. I have written a book about DUI over the past two years, and have researched my facts, exhaustively- in order to spare others the agony of my own event. (YES, one drink CAN get you arrested, impaired or not- don't take the bait and believe that you have to have a certain blood alcohol level). And, NO- most auto accidents and deaths are NOT alcohol related. In fact, if you are pulled over, and blood tested, and have marijuana in your system, you WILL be not only be automatically arrested for drug DUI- you will ALSO be arrested on a second charge of possession of a controlled substance. So, then- you cannot say that having it in your system is not an issue. Also, a drug DUI (pot, beandryl, heroin, doesn't matter) carries far heavier penalties than an alcohol DUI- therefore, the people that craft DUI laws disagree with you that having marijuana in your system is not a problem.

    I think the point the previous poster was trying to make was regarding how many accidents are caused while under the influence of alcohol vs accidents while under the influence of pot. You are kinda making a straw-man argument my friend...
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    Not to belabor the point, but in Arizona, now- arrests for 'marijuana' DUI are almost one half of all DUI arrests. This information is from the AZ AG office, in Phoenix, 2012. Fun side note: In AZ, if you are convicted for a marijuana or other dug DUI (even if you had no alcohol in your system when you were arrested), you receive the same mandatory breathalyzer sentence (six months, for first offense) for your vehicle as do alcohol DUI convicts. But again, you also receive further drug related charges and penalties. Also, texting and other driver distractions now account for more vehicle fatalities than does alcohol impairment. I ought to write a book....or another one. Maybe I'll call it "How to Ruin Your Life With a DUI", or something.
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    what if I become a practitioner and have my own private practice? or partner up with an MD. I doubt I'll be randomly drug tested then. pre-employment, sure, but that's never an issue.
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    Quote from modernhippie_
    what if I become a practitioner and have my own private practice? or partner up with an MD. I doubt I'll be randomly drug tested then. pre-employment, sure, but that's never an issue.

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    Quote from modernhippie_
    what if I become a practitioner and have my own private practice? or partner up with an MD. I doubt I'll be randomly drug tested then. pre-employment, sure, but that's never an issue.
    That's assuming you actually make it to that point without getting caught.
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    I am anurse who was just tested pos for THC as I had smoked a few weeks prior at a party. I am not a user. It was a momentary lapse in reason. Now i have been reported to the BON in Fl. An investigation has been initiated and i have been forthright with everyone regarding my pos test. I have made no excuses. I just spoke with an IPN person today for the first time. She asked all the questions and took my statement. My quandry is this, while i was fired from that job, i quickly procurred another job at anothe SNF before knowing I had been reported. I have only completed my orientation. The woman at IPN asked me if I am presently working. I told her no as I have not yet received a schedule so I am not currently working yet. My question is, can i start working since i have signed nothing and my liscence is still active? What are the ramifications if I do? Can the IPN findout if I am employed? I have a child to feed and a mortgage to pay. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Scared to death!
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    Kkristine- i posted a reply to this an another thread.
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    My state recently voted to make the possession of small doses and use of marijuana legal. This has opened a whole can of worms in relation to the workplace. The hospitals and other healthcare agencies have already made rulings that regardless of the 'legality' of smoking weed, they will not allow their employees to smoke and if anyone is found with a positive UA they may be fired. While I am not in favor of approving the smoking of weed while working or even on a work day, but I do think that most places of business are going to have to establish guidelines as to the amount found in urine that would indicate smoking within 18-24 hours of a shift. I don't know what's fair, but obviously drinking alcohol and going to work is not acceptable and yet if I were to drink while on vacation and days off it would have no relevance to my work performance and I believe that would be fair with marijuana, as well. I haven't smoked marijuana since college, many years ago, and I don't intend to, but I still believe that if they are going to legalize it, they need a different approach than simply saying that if it is found on your UA you can be fired. Marijuana is detectable in the urine for a very long time and any presence of it should not be grounds for firing.
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    I wonder what the deal is on this in Cali. Ive never tried pot, but I live in SF, and have gotten to the point where the smell doesn't even faze me anymore.

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    Smoking marijuana is a slippery slope in nursing. At any time you could be required to provide a urine specimen. You could be one of the nurses who logged into the medication machine the day there was an unexplained discrepancy with narcotics, and it wasn't your fault, but BINGO! busted for pot! You could have a work-related injury totally unrelated to your pot smoking, which requires a drug test in order to qualify for worker's comp benefits, and BINGO! busted for pot! Now, not only do you not get the worker's comp benefits, you probably lost your job and were reported to your BON and must complete their version of the Impaired Nurses Program.

    Is it really worth it for a little occasional buzz??

    I don't know about you, but I worked very, very hard for my nursing license only to lose it for something so stupid!
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