New grad, required monitoring...where do I look for a job?

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    Hi, I'm a recent graduate. I applied for my license and disclosed my prior criminal infractions from 1999. I received notification to have a drug and alcohol eval, which I did, and just heard today that despite it going well they are still requiring me to be monitored. I am so disappointed. I have been clean for 13 years, married, 3 kids, own a home, graduated first in my nursing class with numerous awards, etc. Spent most of the day crying about it. I really thought that if they saw how hard I've worked that they would allow me to work unmonitored. Unfortunately, I cannot get the misdemeanor drug charge off my record. My PNAP case manager pretty much said that if it could be expunged this wouldn't happen. But I can't, so it is what it is. After feeling sorry for myself for a about 6 hours and crying off and on, I decided to cut that out and see if anyone knows of a good place to start when looking for a job. It will not be easy! New grad, no experience, criminal record (even though 14 years old), and now monitoring.
    Anyone have any advice? I really need some encouragement.

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    Oh my goodness New Grad. I'm so sry to hear your past is still haunting you. It's such a shame it has to be this way ESP since you've been clean for 14 yrs. First off, congrats on your recovery. You've overcame the biggest hurdle so far. I know that dialysis centers are restriction friendly so you may want to try there. Good luck on your job search. :~)

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    I'd be tempted to hire a good attorney and see if there is any way the state board will change their mind. There is no way you should be held responsible for something 14 years in the past. Especially if you have remained clean since that time.
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    It's a shame that even though you paid your debt to society, been clean for 14 years, you still are paying. All that you've accomplished should count for something. It's like being discriminated against. I think hiring an attorney is the way to go.
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    Why would you not be able to get a pardon for it. (Not sure if state related): but in CT, after 5 years of the offense and completing the requirements, like probation, u can apply for a pardon. People usually use them to erase felonies, so they are quick to allow the pardon for a misdemeanor. (Unless, of course, u have already used it..then no)
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    No, I have not had a pardon. In PA, it is not a simple process but it is an option I am working on with my attorney. However, that will take a few years if granted at all. And to make matters worse, I was told today that not only do I need to be monitored but that because I cannot get it removed from my record I have to be in the disciplinary unit. It makes no sense to me as I don't even have a license yet but it is being disciplined. I'm so disappointed. I expected some issues but certainly not starting with a disciplined license for something that happened 14+ years ago, long before I even thought of becoming a nurse. But that is my situation. And so I have to figure out the best possible chance of employment. I am told that any employer can verify that I was not disciplined for an incident while practicing. I can't imagine many employers will want to deal with this though. Just totally bummed out today. I've always believed in second chances for others but apparently no amount of time makes a difference here.
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    congratulatiobs on your recovery.

    i am very sorry you are going thruthis. i mean that sincerely.

    i woukd hire you in a min., with that record in LTC....please look at LTC AND BEST OF LUCK To YOU! YOU NEED A LITTLE "TIME IN GRADE" of working a few years and after completion it wilk look far better. hard to believe 14 year old mistake as you described could be so haunting.... you deserve a break, and sure have worked hard for it
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    Try a nursing home or dialysis center. If you have any nurse friends ask them to help you look for a job. There are employers who hire nurses with restrictions. Keep your chin up! Dont let anyone get you down!
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    Thank you for the advice!! I've been thinking the same thing-about dialysis, and LTC. It means a lot to hear any encouragement! Thank you!
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    Pennsylvania is still in the 19th century in many ways. I hope your attorney can help you.

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