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Hello! I hope everyone is having a nice afternoon or evening. So, I am really getting antsy and desperate for a nursing job. Of course, I have narcotic restrictions (I think it's standard with monitoring programs). Which areas... Read More

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    A big part of me, almost decided part of me, would like to only apply to public health nurse positions because that is where I want to be. Just volunteer at various organizations that could be of benefit to me and interest me. I have a small job now that gives me some money. I really want public health...the odd thing is some of the positions say they want an unencumbered license. I find that very odd because normally health depts don't deal with narcotics, so my narcotic restriction really shouldn't be a big deal (if you work at the health dept and deal with narcotics...please tell me). I have a "Valid Virginia Only" license, but since those are state jobs, that really shouldn't be a big deal either since I would be working within Virginia.

    I am curious why some postings have a unencumbered license as a special requirement...