Melatonin ok?

  1. Has anyone had any problems taking this while on probation? I don't see it anywhere on the forbidden med list but wanted to double check. I am clean as a whistle but having a hard time sleeping during the days as I just switched to night shift. Any input appreciated. I am a TPAPN nurse.
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  3. by   LessValuableNinja
    I know that it's commonly given to patients in substance centers and doesn't show up on standard drug screens. It's also already in your body.
  4. by   Kel65
    I use Afteril, which is melatonin, valerian root and L-tryptophan and have been tested various panel options without issue.
  5. by   Eric Cartman
    I don't think you will have any issues with melatonin. I take it occasionally myself.
  6. by   TXRNC
    I took it without any problems but just to be safe I listed it on my self report along with Advil and Tylenol if I had needed to take it just to cover my bases
  7. by   sallyrnrrt
    I agree with above post