IPN is killing me..........

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    I've been drug tested 4 times in the last 3 weeks. 3 of those were in one week. I know I got myself in this mess, but DERN!!!! i'm working a minimum wage job and can't afford that many tests back to back. are they trying to make me break? I know they don't give a rat's a$$ about me. this is going to be the longest 5 yrs of my life...... not sure I can afford this. I have permission to go back to work, but who the heck is going to hire me??? ESp with a criminal background. I may as well give up..................

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    I'm confused about what's going on here. I'm sorry to hear you're going through a tough time. Hope things look up soon.
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    I'm not sure how IPN works, I'm in NCBON alternative program. With that said the most I have ever been tested in a month was 4 times at 76.00 perscreening. I remember when I first started the program the first week I got popped twice the next week once the last week once now i average twice a month cause there are months I only test once some i test three times but it averages twice a month. Hope that will help you out. Anyone in these programs knows the cost try not to focus on the cost but the fact when its all done youll still be a nurse.
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    I am also in NC but I have not yet tested more then twice a month. Most months it is once.
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    I'm in NC as well and max I've had has been twice monthly...this past month it was once and it's been 30 days since then! I sometimes worry that I'm messing up but without anyone saying differently and clean testing and KNOWING I'm clean and sober makes me feel somewhat better. Things will get better and you will find a job, just keep doing good and good will happen to you.
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    they timed it where I got 2 at the end of one month and on the first of the next month so that it came out 3 x in one week. sorry about the complaining post. I shouldn't complain since me and me alone got myself in this mess. that is where all my anger comes from. self loathing...... how could I be so ignorant to drink and drive, not only once mind you, but 4 times?????? I must be a little bit smart cause I made it through nursing school. but sometimes, I think, who am I???? who is this idiot????? why am I so reckless????? I hate myself. I have managed to ruin my life and future. I would be a wife, mother and have nice things like a house and decent life IF ONLY........
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    I was told by the leader of my nurse group that they test you 24 times in a year. I am not sure if that would help you budget at least knowing that you possibly put that money into a different account so that you know that it is there. With that being said I now have a question for yall.

    What is the process if you have a positive drug screen for alcohol? is it possible to get the levels from the lab so that you can see what they were and if it was accidental exposure somehow? I am a brand new nurse with a hx of a dui never had anything on my nursing license (actually just passed my boards and havent worked as a nurse yet but i do work in healthcare). This is only like my 5th drug screening and I was wondering if sushi could have possibly done this I did have sushi this last week and i read something about that rice vinegar could have an effect also I cleaned my floors, kitchen and bathroom this week but I used bleach and water on the floors and bath tub only lysol on the counters and windex for the mirrors. Is it possible that that could have set me over the limit? Should I start hiring someone to clean my house so that this doesn't happen again or could i suggest even taking antabuse so that they know I am not drinking. Only problem with that is I feel like if i suggest that then they are going to think i need it instead of trying to prove my innocence. I am so confused!!!! With one positive result do they take you out work? What is the process?
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    How did your interview go?
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    I am new to the site. Was that message about an interview for me? I haven't had an interview. Am i supposed to have an interview?
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    No the message was for virgojd

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