i am going to self-report to ga board of nursing

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    hi! new to this site! love it!
    i am an r.n./cst with 30 yrs exp in the operating room. since i've gotten my degree, i have lied to the ga board each time i renew. i have several arrests (no felonies). i want to come clean! no pun.... what do i do? my license has never been in investigated thus far. i have an alcohol problem. i'm the weekend warrior drinker. made stupid decisions to drive and have 4 dui arrests with 2 dropped. one marijuana possession and a couple of domestic abuse (alcholic boyfriend) and on shop lifting, all steming from drug abuse...... i sound like a criminal!! but i am a good nurse! never been to work impaired. i've been traveling since 1992. except in the last 8 mos. since my last arrest 20 months ago, my criminal background has caught up with me. my driving license is still suspended. too scared to take another job for fear of being reported to the bon. i hear it would be better for me to do it myself. i've even considered going back to school and doing something different. but i am damn good at what i do!!! i have to waste all the experience i've gained. i'm one of those travelers you can put in any situation.
    from what i have read on this site, i need a lawyer before going to the board. any suggestions on what type of lawyer to hire? thanks for any info!
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    You said it yourself. Lawyer.

    And good luck, virgojd.
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    :spin: thanks, i need it! lol! do you have any idea what type of lawyer? criminal, malpractice? thanks again!
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    YES, you need a lawyer. Make sure you find one that is experienced with the BON. I think you would need an administrative lawyer, but I'm not positive. Google your state and nurse lawyer. Hopefully you will find what you need.

    Good luck! Keep us posted.
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    thank you so much! i will check it out! and keep you posted on my journey which is just beginning!! pray for me ya'll!
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    You can find an attorney experienced in dealing with nursing boards at the referral service of The American Association of Nurse Attorneys: www.taana.org. Good luck.
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    awesome! thanks so much for your help! God bless! :flowersfo
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    The best of luck to you!! Good nurses are too few and far between so take care of this and put it behind you.:spin:
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    Do you carry your own malpractice insurance? I know this isn't a claim, however, they might be able to refer you to an attorney who is experienced in dealing with the BON. YOU MUST have and EXPERIENCED BON attorney, no one else will know how to plead your case in your best interest. It IS best that you come clean. You may be required to surrender your license and attend a rehab program. Best of luck to you and keep us posted on your journey.
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    i'll check it out for sure! thanks so much for responding. i will keep you posted. this might take awhile due to financial reasons. i'm drawing unemployment right now, but it barely pays anything. Thank God i don't have any bills except living expenses.

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